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Guy Sebastian is the only Australian male artist to have ever achieved six number one singles and two number one albums in chart history. In 2015 he became the first Australian music artist to compete in Eurovision song contest. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. Over the course of his career Guy has received 22 ARIA Award Nominations including Single of the Year, Best Male Artist and Best Pop Artist, and won the ARIA Award for Highest Selling Single for Angels Brought Me Here and Who’s That Girl.
  • International Songwriting Competition 2013: R&B/Hip Hop - "Battle Scars"
  • Australian MTV Awards 2005: Best Pop Video - "Out With My Baby
  • Australian MTV Awards 2007: Best Pop Video - "Elevator Love"
  • X Factor
  • Australian Idol

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Deemed as Australia's most successful rock & roll singer, Jimmy Barnes has certainly got some stories to tell. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. Jimmy’s life has been a wild ride which has seen him reach unbelievable highs and plummet to devastating lows, which in turn forced him to wrestle his own demons. As the lead singer of Cold Chisel, Jimmy was the lead vocalist of the most esteemed rock band in Australia.
  • Cold Chisel

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Jessica Mauboy's career has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and her fame has exploded to a global level since her stellar performance as Julie in the award-winning film "The Sapphires". She has toured nationally and is set to release her fourth studio album in 2016. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. Jessica has become one of the hottest creative exports to hail from Australia and with her energy focused on her music, there is nothing stopping her. Her third album “Beautiful” is an honest reflection of who she truly is, and has reached Platinum certification.
  • Australian Idol
  • Sony Music Australia
  • Universal Music
  • NRL
  • The Sapphires (Movie)

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All of Australia knows her simply as Marcia, the diva with the most wonderful and distinctive voice that local pop music has ever heard. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. Let’s face it, Marcia Hines being Marcia Hines is what’s endeared her to the Australian public for so long, starting back in 1970 when she arrived as a wide-eyed 16-year-old to take part in the rock musical “Hair”. In her hometown of Boston, Marcia began singing as a young child and by the age of nine had made her first public appearance in a church choir.
  • ARIA Hall of Fame
  • Australian Idol

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Pete Murray is just out of the surf, looking the way he always does: fit, lean, up for whatever the day has in store. He exudes energy, all of it positive. Like his new music. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. Years ago he took a complete break from his career as one of Australia’s favourite music artists, refusing every work offer that came his way, devoting his time to fathering his two sons and, free from the rock’n’roll lifestyle of late nights and early flights, hitting the surf near his northern New South Wales home. “I needed time to let the well fill up again. I had worked hard and wanted to sit and enjoy life for a while. I’ve loved having the time to do more surfing, waking up early, in the water by seven. It clears your mind when you are out among the waves and you feel so much better when you come in, ready for the day ahead.”

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Casey Donovan is one of Australia’s most versatile indigenous entertainers. After a meteoric rise to fame at the age of 16, Casey became the youngest ever winner of Australian Idol in 2004. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. Over the last twelve years, Donovan has made her mark not only as a musician, but also in the areas of stage, screen, presenting and writing. Casey is a multi-Award winner & nominee, including an ARIA No #1 Award for Listen with Your Heart and Deadly Awards for Best Album, Best Single and Most Promising New Talent.
  • I’m a Celebrity
  • Get Me Out of Here (TV Program)
  • Coles Supermarket
  • Australian Idol 2004

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Sharon Corr is a Grammy Nominee, Brit Award Winner, singer-songwriter and violinist. In many ways a huge driving force of The Corrs, Sharon kept her profile low... a svelte, soignée mystery. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. Now married and with two children, Sharon, not able to stay away from her passion, was already writing and recording her first solo album Dream of You. Her first single “It’s Not a Dream”, released in 2010, was A-listed on BBC Radio 2. Sharon took her courage in both hands and toured the album alone from 2011 to 2013, playing Europe, Australia, Asia and both North and South America.
  • Member of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
  • The Corrs
  • The Voice of Ireland
  • Freeman Hospital
  • Atlantic Records
Andrea Corr, Caroline Corr, Jim Corr, Sharon Corr

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Ciaran Gribbin is the singer of INXS. He is a Grammy nominated songwriter who has worked with artists such as Snow Patrol, Madonna, Paul Oakenfold and Paul McCartney and has also written and produced soundtracks for movies. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. In 2009 Northern Ireland music artist Ciaran made the decision to split from his band and take the path of a solo artist to give himself the freedom to write, record and perform his own songs in whichever format he chose, solo or with a band. He soon found himself working on shows and tours with many artists including Paul McCartney, The Script, Gotye, Powderfinger and James Morrison amongst others whilst co-writing with various artists including Paul Oakenfold, Groove Armada and William Orbit.
  • INXS
  • Leya (Band)

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Belgium-born Gotye has been adopted by Australia and is the latest big thing to hit our shores. This multi-instrumental artist is an ARIA Award-winning singer-songwriter. Gotye got his start in pop band The Basics who have independently released studio albums and other titles since their beginning in 2002. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. A few years ago I made some music in my bedroom using mattresses and a 386. I called it an “album” (which was the style at the time), put a picture named Boardface on the front, and it went quite well. Some people even bought it on Compact Disc. I bought a new jumper (with a bear on the front) with the proceeds and everything was quite good.

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Katie Noonan has the kind of voice grown men weep for, the kind of voice that seems to come directly from her heart rather than her lungs. Areas of speciality include Recording Artists. She has topped both the pop and jazz charts, blown away opera fanatics, performed alongside countless luminaries of myriad fields, and backs it all up by being an incredible songwriter, producer and keyboardist in her own right.
  • george (Musical Group)
  • Elixir (Musical Group)