Circus Performers

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This comedy duo have an unhealthy obsession for laughter and the ridiculously silly. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. With a mixing pot of variety, vaudeville and vintage circus, these two have travelled the world atop their penny farthing, dragging suitcases of shenanigans and bringing giggles to the masses. Perfect for children aged 3 – 103.

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DebonAir holds some of the most memorable 'wow factor' moments you can give your event. They can either exclusively create a never-seen-before act for your event with custom engineered music, costumes and choreography or can deliver an established act proven to leave your audience mesmerised. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Debonair will provide stunning handmade costumes decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals, along with incredible music and original aerial choreography.

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Part Victorian strongman, part Russian gymnast, part Freddy Mercury and all comedy - The Strongman will entertain and amuse with his physical comedy, massive muscles and awesome feats of strength! This comedic take on the circus archetype is perfect for all circus themed and family friendly events. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. A stalwart of the traditional circus, the Strongmen were renowned for their big bushy moustaches, bulging biceps and, of course, their incredible Feats of Strength. The show can be performed to the fitting music of Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire, or can be custom-produced to your requirements.

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This is a balancing act with a difference! In a sparkly pair of three inch heels, Anna artfully walks across the top of champagne bottles. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Playing a glamorous, champagne swilling cabaret diva to great comedic effect, this act is highly entertaining and breathtaking in its simplicity. Perfectly fun and quirky for that extra special event.

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Hannah is a Melbourne based aerialist known for her elegant and graceful performances. Influenced by her training in classical and contemporary dance, Hannah’s work infuses contortion with strong balletic lines. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. After attending a less than enlightening aerial yoga class, Hannah discovered circus at the age of 20 and was soon driven to abandon her studies in prosthetics and orthotics to pursue a life in the air.

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The Circus Harlequins are a popular attraction at any carnival or circus-themed event. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. This talented pair of stilt walkers perform amazing feats of balance and coordination while entertaining the onlookers with their clownish antics.

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Light up the dark! Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Inspired by the beauty and electrifying excitement of our Queen of Sparks, this show was created to dive into the the dark side and light it up with dangerously edgy and explosive power.

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Born in the UK, aerialist and dancer Hannah combines a dancer’s grace with the thrill of aerial silks. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Hannah’s dynamism, grace and magnetic stage presence make for a captivating experience.

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A-List has an air of sophistication mixed with good old fashion traditional circus wrapped snugly with comedy and mayhem. The acrobatic duo will bring a blend of storytelling, performance poetry, magic tricks, juggling, comedy, circus tricks, balloons and even song. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. A List Acrobats are brilliant at activating spaces as a roving duo or even filling in on stage whenever they are needed. Their ability to respond immediately and with brilliance to any situation has made them invaluable at many events!

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Our Beach Babe Spheres bring summery vibes and playfulness to your event. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Inside the transparent bubbles they create beautiful images with movement, contortion, acrobatics and acting.