lifesavers-on-stilts Image
Sharks beware! These bronzed heroes of surf and sand are on patrol and eager to prove they're ready to rescue. Marvel at their mouth-to-mouth! Be dazzled by the daring drills of Lifesavers on Stilts! Areas of speciality include Australiana. Heroic? Certainly. Posers? Definitely. A favourite roving act at festivals and events around the world. Providing appropriate levels of classic Australian larrikin behaviour at events and festivals worldwide are their specialty.

aboriginal-dance-show Image

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These professional aboriginal dancers fill Australia's need for a wholesome, exciting, reliable and world class traditional performing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Show. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers from many diverse tribes, the Aboriginal Dance Show preserves and promotes Aboriginal culture through their range of traditional and contemporary performances.

australian-girls-choir Image
Over the past 28 years, the Australian Girls Choir has delighted audiences across Australia and around the world with performances at major national and international events, on television and in recording studios; to become a much-loved Australian cultural icon. Areas of speciality include Australiana. They challenge the traditional view of choirs, and are known for their ability to excite audiences with impressive choreographed routines, vibrant performance costumes and exquisite singing. They have a diverse and extensive repertoire including much loved Aussie tunes, upbeat and inspirational items, Broadway show numbers, songs from other cultures and of course Christmas Carols! Event organisers often comment on the girls professionalism, impeccable behaviour and their wonderful ability to connect and interact with different audiences.

rood-bouncing-kangaroos Image

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Rood are Giant Bouncing Kangaroos. Jumping up to a metre off the ground and 2 metres in a bound, Rood are a phenomenal sight. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Rood is a new act: a pair of kangaroos on amazing new bouncing stilts. Uniquely entertaining kids and adults alike, the Rood characters are a crossover of outback macho and inner city punk savvy – always Rood but never offensive.

dame-edna-average Image

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Dame Edna Average is one of the funniest impersonators and look-alikes of this iconic Australian celebrity. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Available as a roaming or roving character, Dame Edna will welcome your guests, drop in for singing telegrams or a be surprise MC for your conference dinner entertainment. Dame Edna is available for private or corporate functions and events.

the-outback-aussie-show Image
Join Outback Aussie and his trusty sidekicks, Dusty Dan, Jilleroo Sue and Karla the Dancing Koala for a high energy, wonderfully engaging interactive musical experience. Areas of speciality include Australiana. The Outback Aussie Show is big on fun and education for your little ones. But where is Karla Koala? Help us find her please!

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Transform your event with the hilariously unpredictable antics of our roving seagull characters! These surreal, life-sized seagulls, complete with working beaks and realistic movements, bring a comedic twist to any gathering. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Watch as they rummage through bags, pockets, and even steal food from plates and picnic baskets, causing delightful chaos and squabbling amongst themselves.

fat-swags Image
Does your mustre lack lustre? Looking for some serious shenanigans from loveable larrikins? Get Billy Boil and Wally B Trail. Areas of speciality include Australiana. These big bellied blokes will tell a tale taller than Uluroo, make a damper tougher than a brick, boil a brew that’s stronger than a Mallee Bull, and shake up any shindig with a toe tap and a heel dig. So if you want to get your mob laughing harder than a tree full of Kookaburras, don’t be a galah. Book the Fat Swags for the finest Australiana talent.

lifesaver-segway Image
Ahh summer. Sun, sand, water and of course lifesavers. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Swimming around bringing out the smiles, Lifesavers Segway are great whether there is water nearby or not. Lifesavers Segway are available solo, duo or trio.

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They don’t bite – they delight! An exploration of Australia’s beach culture sees three Sharks arrive on the scene. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Sporting blue gill-fitted wetsuits, bathing caps and shark-fins growing from their heads, Sharks are a wry and witty performance examining Australia’s obsession with the sun, surf and sand environment. These sharks swim, dive and parade through public places with their synchronized and syncopated dance movements and harmonies.