Illuminated Entertainment

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Hook the audience right from the start with LED Dance Show as an exhilarating opening act. With guests seated, simply dim the lights and watch these technical-meets-tribal, illuminated beings with brightly lit shields appear from the back of the room, walking amongst guests en route to the stage. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. The effect is breath-taking, and the entire 7.30 minute show’s high octane, cleverly imagined vibe is sure to break the ice and totally energise your audience.

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Standing at around 9 feet tall, the LED Robots are packed full of digital, bright LED lights from top to bottom. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Our LED Robots perform on professional stilts that are not visible and have a natural walk to them. They are based in Sydney Australia but travel worldwide for any event or venue.

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Our Disco Fever characters will get everybody dancing! Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. LED lights and lasers make this a one-of-it’s-kind visual roving act.

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Meet illuminated elegance with Hula Illumination. Smooth hula hoop moves with the latest high-tech glowing hula hoops make this act is a show stopper. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Featuring a multi-skilled female circus performer renowned for her stylish hula hoop moves and diverse skills, Hula Illumination has performed in over 20 countries, in five languages. She brings a professionalism, style and skill to her act making this show not only completely unique, but utterly unforgettable.

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If you are looking for impressive, constantly changing lighting effects, the Shark Fin Robots are what you need for your event! Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Shark Fin Robots are impressive with effects such as solid colours, solid rainbow, moving multi-coloured functions, star like effects, constant colour changes, waves of colours and much more.

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The 21st century phenomenon that is El Squad have already travelled to 20+ countries to perform their unmistakable LED dance show. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. El Squad have co-starred with Aerosmith, LMFAO, Jessica Alba, Basement Jaxx. They have performed at one of Paris Hilton’s infamous private parties.

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Our stunning professional ballerinas invite the audience to a timeless, poetic performance. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Dressed in delicate LED tutus and costumes they can perform inside the transparent bubbles or without.

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This incredible diamond moon will have you and your guests traveling to the skies above and reaching for the stars. One of our beautiful costumed girls will lounge, pose, dance and bedazzle on this handcrafted masterpiece. She can blow bubbles, pour champagne or invite guests to sit by her side on this divine creation. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. This burlesque inspired glamour icon has a huge span of two metres tall and wide. The moon is brought to life as light dances off diamond motifs scattered over the moon’s curved face. It can also be accompanied by a fairy light curtain backdrop supplied by us. This beautiful arrangement will inevitably become the room’s centrepiece and the object of every guest’s attention.

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Eco friendly, Solar Bugs is a dazzling illuminated stilt act. Solar panels embedded into the costumes soak up the sun by day and glow at night. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Off-the-grid the Solar Bugs are part of our new green-energy future, A sensational entertainment option for both daytime and evening.

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Bring unequalled glamour, sophistication and beauty to your special event with the Ballerinas in Bubbles. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. What do they do? The Ballerinas in Bubbles create an incredible atmosphere and unique talking point for guests, guaranteed to be remembered for years to come.