Illuminated Entertainment

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Described as a real-life dancing and hula-hooping cartoon character, Hayley Hoopla blends her experience in, bellydance, flamenco, hip-hop, fans, hula and swing dance, with her clowning and rapping expertise to invent unique and quirky hula-hoop acts, and theatrical performances. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Hayley is a kaleidoscopic innovator in her field. She is an award-winning designer and costumier, choreographer, circus performer and hula-hoop extraordinaire.

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Add illumination to your event with this unique light-tray service! Ideal for your pre-dinner or cocktail canapés and finger food. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Charismatic mix and mingle performers are available in a variety of costumes to serve your guests from their custom built brightly-lit transparent trays.

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Melbourne’s one and only Gold and LED Mirror Man. Guaranteed to glisten, gleam and glow like a walking disco ball. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. The LED Gold Mirror Man can be booked with or with out his LED turned on and will roam your event space interacting with guests, taking photos and creating a stellar vibe as he radiates pure brilliance.

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Experience the true essence of fluorescence with Luminescence Sydney, a visually stunning show. Fully choreographed this show is an incredible display of manipulation skills, enhanced by striking costumes and enchanting music. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Watch as artists spin and weave in the darkness, leaving behind beautiful images and trails of colour. With state of the art LED staff and poi, mesmerizing UV flags and glowing human balances let your senses be guided by the beauty and flow of the Luminescence experience.

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Transport yourself to the realm of the enchanted wilderness with "Electric Garden," an electrifying spectacle that immerses its audience in a mesmerising journey through a futuristic illuminated forest. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Witness acrobatic prowess, mesmerising contortions, and fantastical creatures adorned in otherworldly costumes, all coming together to create a spellbinding performance.

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Bring the event décor to life! Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. These quirky illuminated installations are a unique way to create a surprise and delight your guests.

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As technological advancement reaches ever increasing heights, allow the Androids to offer a welcome relief into the world of B-grade science fiction. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. With artificial arms and flashing eyes these chaotic characters are proof that the future does have a sense of humour.