Illuminated Entertainment

diamond-moon Image
This incredible diamond moon will have you and your guests traveling to the skies above and reaching for the stars. One of our beautiful costumed girls will lounge, pose, dance and bedazzle on this handcrafted masterpiece. She can blow bubbles, pour champagne or invite guests to sit by her side on this divine creation. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. This burlesque inspired glamour icon has a huge span of two metres tall and wide. The moon is brought to life as light dances off diamond motifs scattered over the moon’s curved face. It can also be accompanied by a fairy light curtain backdrop supplied by us. This beautiful arrangement will inevitably become the room’s centrepiece and the object of every guest’s attention.

dream-bear-and-bo-peeps Image
For roving entertainment that embraces a fantasy, festive, ecological or winter wonderland theme, Dream Bear will blow you away! Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. The Technicolour Dream Bear is a vision to behold – an amazing 3.2 meters long and 2 meters tall, the Dream Bear is a fusion of colour and vibrancy. He ambles along while his comically engaging chaperone entertains the crowd.

wired-led-show Image

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Unlike anything seen before in Melbourne, WIRED is the new combined LED light stage show and roving act. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Complete with a futuristic energetic sound track, WIRED exhibits energy, colour, and brilliant choreography, not to mention costumes that light up.

hayley-hoopla Image

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Described as a real-life dancing and hula-hooping cartoon character, Hayley Hoopla blends her experience in, bellydance, flamenco, hip-hop, fans, hula and swing dance, with her clowning and rapping expertise to invent unique and quirky hula-hoop acts, and theatrical performances. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Hayley is a kaleidoscopic innovator in her field. She is an award-winning designer and costumier, choreographer, circus performer and hula-hoop extraordinaire.

the-androids Image
As technological advancement reaches ever increasing heights, allow the Androids to offer a welcome relief into the world of B-grade science fiction. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. With artificial arms and flashing eyes these chaotic characters are proof that the future does have a sense of humour.