Christmas Entertainment

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Long legs, toe taps and high kicks are what this fun family show is all about. These Christmas dancers execute a spectacular routine in perfect unison, performing to a non-stop mix of well-loved Christmas carols. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. The Christmas Show roving option also includes photo opportunities and meet and greet. Spread the festive cheer at your Christmas party with a bevy of beauties!

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A unique moving stage tailored with a Christmas theme of a ballerina and a toy soldier to create a vibrant Christmas toy theme. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Unlike anything else in Australia, our roving lollipop aerialist can delight guests as they rove through your event.

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Introducing the sensational roving duo - the Hot Air Elves! Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. These dynamic performers are guaranteed to ignite the crowd with pure joy as they effortlessly glide on their hot air balloon bikes.

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The 'Fallen Angels' walk the earth, their heavenly privilege of flight denied. Hopelessly tempted by earthly distraction they keep trying to regain their lost place in Nirvana. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Their absurd attempts are beautifully innocent and tragically funny. Poetic, humorous and interactive. Able to bridge the expanse between beauty and humour, ‘The Fallen Angels’ can work sculpturally to animate a large space or as comic characters that can interact and create scenarios.

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Sugar and Spice are mesmerising Christmas characters that radiate a contagious sense of joy. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. The Gingerbread Folk captivate audiences with their enchanting costumes, graceful movements, and whimsical antics.

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Swimsync is a brand new, unique and breathtaking show. Our gorgeous synchro girls are all members of the Australian Olympic Synchronised Swimming team, back from the London Olympic campaign. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Swimsync fuses these stunning synchronised swimmers with beautiful bubble contortionists. Together they create a unique, sophisticated and breathtaking show for your poolside events!

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Cosmic Beings are multimedia and dance artists who specialise in shows for the corporate world. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Their striking electroluminiscent light-suits sync perfectly with graphics, music and props to create a virtual journey within each performance, a glimpse into another dimension.

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Heralding from above, the Golden Flying Angels come alive and can break into choreographed dance, acro-balance or fly, the choices are endless. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. If rigging is a possibility the angels can come out of the clouds, heavenly creatures with golden wings and angelic smiles. Beautifully synchronised, the graceful angels caress the air as they move serenely through the room.

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The world's leading violin stunt duo Strings on Fire will make any event unforgettable. Fusing elements of violin, tango and fire with a uniquely formulated combination of circus stunts, that includes rola-bola, swords, knives, and flaming fiddle bows, this scorching hot pair's exceptional show highlights their tremendous circus skills and impeccable musicianship. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Known as “the world’s hottest violin duo”, Strings on Fire perform internationally at festivals and events from England’s Glastonbury Festival to “Le Scandal” Cabaret Club in New York… and just about everything in between.

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Christmas Tree-O are a trio of exceptional singers who have all worked intern​ationa​lly at a very high level. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment.
Scintillating, Sensational, Stunning!The Town Hall, Wollongong

Their festive entert​ainment is perfect for corporate events, Christmas themed parties, department stores, promotions and restaurants plus much more.