Christmas Entertainment

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Swimsync is a brand new, unique and breathtaking show. Our gorgeous synchro girls are all members of the Australian Olympic Synchronised Swimming team, back from the London Olympic campaign. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Swimsync fuses these stunning synchronised swimmers with beautiful bubble contortionists. Together they create a unique, sophisticated and breathtaking show for your poolside events!

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Still as stone, fluid as water, creating an atmosphere of timeless beauty. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. This unique performance is perfect for making your event truly unforgettable as the statues “come to life” giving your guests a little wink, wave and smile. The White Angel Statue creates a unique and impressive installation feature for your event.

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Be whisked away on elegant wings of hopes & dreams, to a place over the moon and far beyond... Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. To fairyland where these graceful beings of far shimmer blessings of a thousand falling stars. Follow the flitter of a dream and be enchanted. Make a wish on stardust sprinkles and be encapsulated by their whimsical world of wonderment. The Christmas Fairies are ideal family entertainers for your next Christmas event.