Christmas Party Entertainment: The Definitive Guide

Keeping Tradition by Breaking It

We love Santa Claus. As kids, we scrawled out our Christmas wishes on a piece of paper, put them in an envelope and addressed it to the North Pole. We convinced our parents to take us to see the jolly man in the red suit in the hope he’d give us everything we wanted.

And whenever we went to our parents’ Christmas work parties, Santa was there with his billowy white beard and red coat and pants.

But times have changed. We still revere the magic of the man in red, but we’ve realized that corporate parties and other Christmas events can lose their momentum if the same entertainers make an appearance every year – Santa, his elves, the occasional Christmas choraler…

Our Christmas entertainers break the usual convention of yuletide fun and elevates the spirit and happiness of Christmas in amazing ways.

Trading Kitsch for Cool

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting amid the audience during the Christmas entertainment you planned for your company. Everyone’s eyes look toward the stage expecting a dainty elf to prance out and sing a carol or two, or a Santa look-alike ambling into the spotlight with a bag of presents in his hands.

Christmas Entertainment

For more ideas than Santa has house calls on Christmas Eve, call us on 1300 884 485 today.

Then, the lights dim, music pulses from speakers unseen and an award-winning dance group bounds onto the stage, rhythmically moving their way through a souped-up rendition of a Christmas favourite. Those dancers could just as easily be violinists, singers or comedians. They might be clad in angels’ robes, a handsome suit or Santa’s red jacket with white furry trim.

Yet one thing is certain – they bring an unprecedented level of innovation to the traditional Christmas performance.

Details, Details, Details

Your wish list for Christmas entertainers may be long, but we’re undaunted. Our team of seasoned consultants has helped plan and deliver on hundreds of events. Our track-record of holiday event planning is all nice and no naughty – Santa would be proud.

When you contact us we help you work out all the details of the event. We’ll work with you and the talent to make sure your venue has all the audio/visual equipment it needs to put on a stunning show that will mesmerize your audience.

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