Childrens Entertainers

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Elevate your party experience with DANCE PARTY– an electrifying 90-minute extravaganza bursting with pulsating beats, thrilling games, and non-stop dancing! Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Join the fun with Australia’s very own ‘Just Dance’ sensation, Jayden Rodrigues, who commands a TikTok and YouTube following of over one million devoted fans.

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award winner

Ladies and Gentle stems, bulbs and girls, it's time to shake your stems, do the jumping bean and twist and sprout with the freshest bunch in town! Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. The Vegetable Plot is an internationally award-winning band on a mission of Love and Peas.
  • International Songwriting Competition - Children's Category
  • Winner Fringe Kids Award (2014 & 2022)

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Lah-Lah's Musical Wonderland is a fantastical new kids show that jams all over the land! In a magical world of music, the loveable character Buzz the Bandleader has lost something special... Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Tom Tom on the drums, Mister Saxophone, Squeezy Sneezy the accordion and Lola the dancing double bass join the effervescent Lah-Lah to help Buzz on his hunt to find his lost possession.
  • ABC Kids TV
  • Network Seven
Tina Harris, Mark Harris, Matt Ottignon, Gary Daley, Nic Cecire

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The Beanies (Laura, Mim and Michael) are a three-piece band full of beans, fun and excitement! Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. It’s their aim to be every child’s new best friend and help them feel included so they can be themselves.
  • ABC Kids TV

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Join Outback Aussie and his trusty sidekicks, Dusty Dan, Jilleroo Sue and Karla the Dancing Koala for a high energy, wonderfully engaging interactive musical experience. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. The Outback Aussie Show is big on fun and education for your little ones. But where is Karla Koala? Help us find her please!

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Crawl and eat and crawl and eat. These are the thoughts of our cute little caterpillar as she makes her way across the stage... Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. She gobbles up her giant (German Wheel) apple whilst performing graceful tricks and when it’s all gone she falls asleep… or does she? This act is a German Wheel act, based on the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. It is primarily a children’s act, though adults are also know to thoroughly enjoy it!

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Step into a world of mesmerising wonder with the enchanting Rainbow Acro Girls! Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Get ready to be dazzled as they infuse your event with a kaleidoscope of hues and boundless energy through their captivating ribbon dancing and breathtaking acrobatic feats.

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Rood are Giant Bouncing Kangaroos. Jumping up to a metre off the ground and 2 metres in a bound, Rood are a phenomenal sight. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Rood is a new act: a pair of kangaroos on amazing new bouncing stilts. Uniquely entertaining kids and adults alike, the Rood characters are a crossover of outback macho and inner city punk savvy – always Rood but never offensive.

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Emily who? Emily WHO! She’s a new Australian children’s singer who recently released her fourth album of songs for kids. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. When she’s not singing her Emily Who songs, Emily writes and presents the Kurring-gai Philharmonic Orchestra Kids’ Proms performances, children’s shows for the Acacia Quartet and children’s activities at Sydney Symphony family concerts.

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The Fabulous Lemon Drops have one mission: to encourage children to smile, think, laugh and dance. Areas of speciality include Childrens Entertainers. Group leaders Dez and Vanessa really know how to educate kids – being school teachers before starting the band has helped introduce learning to kids in a fun, entertaining format. Dez and Vanessa met in London while travelling the world. Their first gig was in a garage for a girl’s eighth birthday party. Today the band travels Australia playing at events and festivals for family audiences everywhere.