Christmas Entertainment

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Long legs, toe taps and high kicks are what this fun family show is all about. These Christmas dancers execute a spectacular routine in perfect unison, performing to a non-stop mix of well-loved Christmas carols. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. The Christmas Show roving option also includes photo opportunities and meet and greet. Spread the festive cheer at your Christmas party with a bevy of beauties!

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The 'Fallen Angels' walk the earth, their heavenly privilege of flight denied. Hopelessly tempted by earthly distraction they keep trying to regain their lost place in Nirvana. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Their absurd attempts are beautifully innocent and tragically funny. Poetic, humorous and interactive. Able to bridge the expanse between beauty and humour, ‘The Fallen Angels’ can work sculpturally to animate a large space or as comic characters that can interact and create scenarios.

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Mysterious and sophisticated, The Gold People share one mind. Masters of synchronised movement and guardians of good taste. Gold Statues with a sense of humour. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. The Gold People are great as living statues or interactive ethereal characters. Their performances have included: Opening of Canal City Fukuoka Japan, Umeda Festival Osaka Japan, Brighton Festival UK, Brown Bag Festival Hong Kong, Fashion Week, and many more.

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Come stand under the mistletoe with the Ding Dongs as they sing song their way into your Christmas stockings. With heavenly harmonies, hearty humour and a sleigh full of sass, these ho ho ho's are funnier than Grandma after a couple of sherries. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. With over 15 years in comedy, cabaret and music, performing at top festivals around Australia, these chanteuses are the perfect roving entertainment for your Christmas event.

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The Nativity play meets Monty Python. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. With a star as their guide, three sages from another time arrive with grace and majesty, bearing gifts in gilt boxes for a messiah they cannot find.

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Christmas is Coming and there is no better way to celebrate than with Bethany Fisher’s Christmas Spectacular. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Join Bethany and her talented team of dancers as they sing and dance to catchy, up-tempo Christmas songs the whole family will love. With favourites including “I Love Christmas”, “It’s Not Christmas Without You” and “Santa Claus is Coming”, it is guaranteed to have your toes tapping, hands clapping and leave a smile on your face long after the show has finished.

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Santa is engaging and delightful and certainly larger than life. You also find that when Santa is away from Mrs. Santa, he can be a little cheeky and mischievous as well. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Santa not only visits children, but has been known to hit the high life as well. Everything from visiting solicitors as they work to hand out presents, to MC-ing corporate Christmas functions for 2000 people, or visiting a dinner party of 20 CPA’s and leading them in singing Christmas carols.

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Towering at 3.7 metres tall, or 2.7m without stilts, our impressive Giant Candy Canes deliver the “Wow” factor and delight audiences of all ages. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. The sight of these Candy Canes spread Christmas cheer and their playful nature thoroughly engages the audience and leaves them with a sugar high.

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One cheeky clown. Littlies ask to take him home, adults revisit their childhood, and teenagers want to hang with him. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. Balloonimals, stilts, cheeky songs, award winning poetry and imagination exercises. For infectious laughter, ask for Mojo! Find out why he’s performed all over Australia and overseas (apparently there’s nobody funny over there). Mojo doesn’t say he’s the best, others do.

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Spreading cheer, good will, fun, mischief and mayhem, Twinkle Toes is the most wanted circus elf in town. Areas of speciality include Christmas Entertainment. With comedy routines in tinsel diabolo, bauble juggling, Christmas-themed ballooning, elf magic and more. Twinkle Toes the Circus Elf has a fun repertoire that is sure to give a very merry Christmas to one and all.