Illuminated Entertainment

If you’re time-poor, take a look at our latest resource for inspiration on how to create a Vivid-style event using illuminated entertainment

Fast-track your planning all while getting a preview of the latest offerings in illuminated event concepts.

party-dollies Image
These bright and beautiful dollies create mayhem as they bumble about with their feather dusters tickling and tackling the unsuspecting public. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Kids are delighted by their outright silliness and everyone loves the friendly dolly. The Party Dollies bright orange stilt-walking costumes are UV friendly and look fantastic under lights as well as being absolute eye candy for a sunny day.

luminescence Image
Experience the true essence of fluorescence with Luminescence Sydney, a visually stunning show. Fully choreographed this show is an incredible display of manipulation skills, enhanced by striking costumes and enchanting music. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Watch as artists spin and weave in the darkness, leaving behind beautiful images and trails of colour. With state of the art LED staff and poi, mesmerizing UV flags and glowing human balances let your senses be guided by the beauty and flow of the Luminescence experience.