Illuminated Entertainment

If you’re time-poor, take a look at our latest resource for inspiration on how to create a Vivid-style event using illuminated entertainment

Fast-track your planning all while getting a preview of the latest offerings in illuminated event concepts.

spinjoy Image
Mesmerising and uber-energetic, SpinJoy’s grand entrance to any event is nothing short of spectacular. Her roving LED hula hoop performances are a mind-spin, marvelling audiences with the colour, light, movement, music and sheer spectacle. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. SpinJoy steals the show and draws laser focus to her performance. Her unique blend of super high-energy dance and circus tricks incorporates standard hula hoops, LED hoops and fire hoops in an act drenched in youthful wonder.

verouge-dereesi Image

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Prepare to be dazzled by lights, thrilled by fire. Discover beauty in the bizarre. Drawing inspiration from a time when avant-garde cabaret and circus ruled the stage Verogue Dereesi is the fiery femme fatale. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Falling head first into the art of circus, Verouge has trained with some of the best teachers and performers in the business. Verouge has become a master in the field, her acts seamlessly fuse together traditional sideshow disciplines including fire manipulation, the human blockhead and more.

snow-queens-stilt-walkers Image
Like a giant fairytale, The Snow Queens are haughty, elegant and cold as ice. In pure white they make a stunning impact on every scene. Great for indoors, outdoors, Xmas, mid-winter carnivals and parades. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. The Snow Queens come with or without wings to best suit the venue. Also with added lights!

urban-prince Image

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Urban Prince is a character from the fictional universe of his own creation. The last of the great 19th century chimney sweeps he grew up b-boying, free running and doing graffiti on the rooftops of Victorian London. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. He later taught himself the art of light alchemy from a book he found on the royal park bench.

party-dollies Image
These bright and beautiful dollies create mayhem as they bumble about with their feather dusters tickling and tackling the unsuspecting public. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Kids are delighted by their outright silliness and everyone loves the friendly dolly. The Party Dollies bright orange stilt-walking costumes are UV friendly and look fantastic under lights as well as being absolute eye candy for a sunny day.

luminescence Image
Experience the true essence of fluorescence with Luminescence Sydney, a visually stunning show. Fully choreographed this show is an incredible display of manipulation skills, enhanced by striking costumes and enchanting music. Areas of speciality include Illuminated Entertainment. Watch as artists spin and weave in the darkness, leaving behind beautiful images and trails of colour. With state of the art LED staff and poi, mesmerizing UV flags and glowing human balances let your senses be guided by the beauty and flow of the Luminescence experience.