bell-bird-bush-band Image
Bell Bird Bush Band is an all-Australian act performing authentic Colonial Songs and dances, with dances being called by the band. Instruments include piano, accordion, tambourine, harmonica, lagerphone, guitar, mandolin, saxophone and violin. The band has been established for 20 years and has vast experience playing for bush dances, festivals, concerts, weddings, schools, clubs, pubs, birthdays and more. Areas of speciality include Australiana.

the-waves-stilt-walkers Image
The Waves are a wind filled sail, the wing of a bird and the call of the sea. Fluid and magical these elegant stilt dancers hover above, washing over us – calm and fresh. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Great on waterfront areas with a light breeze, parades and summer festivals.

the-gumnuts Image
The Gumnuts are well known as the leaders in Australiana and Celtic shows. Areas of speciality include Australiana. The Gumnuts work with the aid of an interpreter when performing to a Japanese audience but they also work for most part without a safety net as the shows are always made very visual and music being the universal language it never fails to entertain.

captain-cook Image
Captain Cook meets the strange natives of hits new land and desperately try to understand the post-colonial world they now inhabit. Areas of speciality include Australiana. A hilariously silly and uniquely Australian act that looks at colonising, colonialism and the British Empire. Cook’s back from years on the high seas and someone’s lost the Empire!

didgeridoo-performer Image
Experience Australia's red heart through the motion and emotion of didgeridoo performance. Our authentic and experienced didgeridoo artists perform many different styles of Australian didgeridoo music. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Add a unique Australian flavour that only these didjeridoo performers can provide at your next event.