stilt-police Image
The Stilt Police - because no one is above the law! A comedy trio of stilt walkers, our boys in blue will tickle you pink! These olde world, oafish officers are thoroughly engaging entertainers. It's roving entertainment that keeps people laughing. Areas of speciality include Australiana. The Stilt Police act is available in two variations; as the London Bobbies or Ye Olde Stilt Police who are Australian through and through.

the-croc-hunter Image
Croc Hunter, Australia's favourite Steve Irwin impersonator will drop in as a surprise guest with his own "live" crocodile! Areas of speciality include Australiana. The Croc Hunter is also available as a surprise roving character to welcome guests, and can act as the event MC. This Steve Irwin impersonator, an all-Australian act is the ideal entertainment for events with Jungle or Aussie themes. Orwwwwwh Beawdy Mate!

beach-belle Image
Beach Belle is a duo of delightful roving hoop girls with cute tricks, cheeky personalities and lots of fun. Areas of speciality include Australiana. They come dressed in bright blue & yellow vintage-style swimsuit costumes which make a great visual roaming impact.

mrs-peacocks-dress-up-booth Image
Mrs Peacock's Dress-up Booth is the perfect entertainment package for the office party or corporate event. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Our wardrobe mistresses assist guests in playing dress ups all night long, with a beautiful and outrageous collection of theatrical dress ups.

jolly-jumbucks Image
Want to round up some little Aussie battlers for your next big shindig? Need entertainment thats the best baa none? Jolly Jock Jumbuck and his lovely wife, Eunice, have hit the big smoke. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Ewe’ll be chuffed to the chops with their freshly spun yarns, and fall horn over hoof for their country charms. So don’t be sheepish. Stand out from the flock. Call up the Jumbucks – they’re a shear delight!

blackberry-jam-bush-band Image
With many years entertainment experience, Blackberry Jam Bush Band is the ideal solution for Australiana themed events. Areas of speciality include Australiana. The band provides an entertaining and interactive showcase that includes music and songs of the bush, simple dances, plus optional whip cracking and an emu character. Hands-on experience of genuine Australian instruments such as didgeridoo, carpenter’s saw and lagerphone is also available.

the-inland-navigators Image

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The founding members of "The Navs" first met in 1979. Since then, The Inland Navigators have enjoyed over 25 years of performing at Bush Dances, themed events, celebrations, corporate events and major tourist attractions. Areas of speciality include Australiana. The iconic band are known to many for their TV appearances on Channel Nine’s Morning Show and their rollicking performances at The Vinegar Hill Woolshed, Darling Harbour and The Rocks. With songs of shearers, farmers, stockmen, convicts and the old Sydney scene, and a mixed bag of Celtic, European and American tunes, The Inland Navigators give a true representation of Australia’s musical heritage.

sydney-icons Image
Bring the flavour of Sydney right to your doorstep with the Sydney Icons. Areas of speciality include Australiana. These professional stilt-walking performers can show off Sydney in style while displaying Sydney’s favourite destinations including Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower. The Sydney Icons are perfect for international events and festivals.

didgeridoo-player Image
Experience Australia's red heart through the motion and emotion of didgeridoo perfomance. Our authenic and experienced didgeridoo artists perform many different styles of didgeridoo music. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Add a unique Australian flavour that only these didjeridoo players can provide at your next event.

whipcracker Image
An icon of the Australian outback, whipcracking is the traditional tool of the trade for Australian stockmen. Our professional Whipcracker is now available for live shows and roving events. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Using seven metre long whips, our Whipcracker can perform an endless array of tricks including target cracking, imitating Australian animals, even nursery rhymes. This top Australiana show makes for a cracking good yarn!