Australiana Acts: A Definitive Guide

Nobody knows how to celebrate Australia like Australians themselves.

Mention “Australiana,” however, and the types of entertainment that come to mind are as vast as the country itself.

Indigenous performers. Lifesavers. Digeridoo masters. Kangaroos. Wildlife hunters. All of them are lively brushstrokes in the masterpiece that is our heritage and country. Our team of Australiana acts spans nearly every idea of Australiana, from croc-chasing outdoorsmen to kangaroos on stilts.

Stodgy history lessons they are not. Original, witty and genuine? Absolutely.

Serious About Not Taking Ourselves Seriously

Our comedic countrymen and women have never been shy about their humour, nor have they ever been afraid to take a self-critical look at the traditions and occupations that make us who we are.

Our team of Australian comedians will work their witty magic on your audiences, covering all sorts of topics which are sure to make you laugh so hard you’ll cry.

Our team includes a variety of different stilt walkers – some come as kangaroos, while others are clad in lifesaver outfits of old, bounding their way through your audience performing riotous routines that are sure to have your attendees chuckling and chortling.

If mammals and beach rescuers aren’t your style, we’ve also got Sydney icons and policemen on stilts. As you can see, we love to elevate comedy.

We also feature an impressive collection of humourists (stilts not included) who, with just a few minutes of their routine, can elevate the energy of your event to incredible levels. Outback culture, colonization, impressions and yes, even sheep, are all part of the repertoire of our talented bunch of jokesters. We’ve even got some sharks and seagulls up our sleeve.

Musical Mischief & Merriment

Our lineup of Australian performers doesn’t stop at comedians. We boast an impressive list of musicians and bands who hail from all parts of the country. They bring their own unique spin on Australia’s history and culture. Aboriginal dances, didgeridoo performers, bush bands and national choirs have the ability to entertain adult audiences and children.

Their routines can be serious, focusing on the songs and stories which are woven into our country’s cultural fabric. They can also be comedic, using characters and props to capture the audience’s imagination.

More of What Makes Us Great

Not every act in our Australiana line-up can be classified as comedy or music. Some of our performers will literally crack the whip to get your audience going, while others specialize in dressing you up in imaginative costumes. Still others are impersonators who spend their time on stage spinning tales about hunting crocs and tracking down dangerous beasts in the Outback.

Making Your Australian Choice

With so many options available for an Australiana performance, our team of consultants is dedicated to working with you to find the perfect performer for your event. We offer you a worry-free process in which we verify the audio/visual needs of our performers, create a schedule that has the most impact on your audience and, as always, we do it all with professionalism and enthusiasm. Click below to view our list of Australiana performers.

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