beach-belle Image
Beach Belle is a duo of delightful roving hoop girls with cute tricks, cheeky personalities and lots of fun. Areas of speciality include Australiana. They come dressed in bright blue & yellow vintage-style swimsuit costumes which make a great visual roaming impact.

didgeridoo-player Image
Experience Australia's red heart through the motion and emotion of didgeridoo perfomance. Our authenic and experienced didgeridoo artists perform many different styles of didgeridoo music. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Add a unique Australian flavour that only these didjeridoo players can provide at your next event.

whipcracker Image
An icon of the Australian outback, whipcracking is the traditional tool of the trade for Australian stockmen. Our professional Whipcracker is now available for live shows and roving events. Areas of speciality include Australiana. Using seven metre long whips, our Whipcracker can perform an endless array of tricks including target cracking, imitating Australian animals, even nursery rhymes. This top Australiana show makes for a cracking good yarn!