Circus Performers

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From the moment Vladik first appears on stage, you realise this is going to be no ordinary juggling act. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Vladik’s performance includes a modern mix of juggling, dance and acrobatics. Born into a circus family, Vladik started his training in dance and acrobatics at the tender age of 4. By age 6 he was juggling, and Vladik was given his first performance contract by age 9.

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One cheeky clown. Littlies ask to take him home, adults revisit their childhood, and teenagers want to hang with him. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Balloonimals, stilts, cheeky songs, award winning poetry and imagination exercises. For infectious laughter, ask for Mojo! Find out why he’s performed all over Australia and overseas (apparently there’s nobody funny over there). Mojo doesn’t say he’s the best, others do.

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A Circus Affair begins with beautiful, majestic stilt dancing followed by classy hat and cane manipulation. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. A scantily clad, cheeky hula hoopist then takes the stage, controlling multiple hula hoops with an air of confidence. Following is an impressive comedic juggling routine, a high energy meteor act, and a spectacular firey finale with human balances.

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This pint-sized entertainer will have you on the edge of your seat as she comedically bends and contorts her body into freakily mind-boggling positions. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. If you want to see something memorable and entirely out of the norm watch Bendy Em squeeze herself into a tiny 16″ Perspex Box balanced on a 7ft rig. This show should not be missed!

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If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind entertainment that is sure to wow audiences and leave them wanting more, book this unique act that combines figure skating and aerial! Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. A talented performer with a wealth of professional experience has designed a completely unique show that combines her skills as an aerial dancer with her skills as a figure skater.

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It is rare to find an entertainer that defies categorization, but Syd Heylen Jnr is one such performer. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. With a polished blend of humour and skill, Syd combines standup comedy, audience interaction and comedy juggling to have his audience in stitches and screaming for more.

Using mind-blowing juggling as a vehicle for his comedy, Syd has them rolling in the aisles while simultaneously astounding them with his impressive skills. With standup comedy material interwoven with audience interaction, Syd has been delighting audiences the world over.

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This stunning, unique performance is an act rarely enjoyed throughout Australia and Asia. The 3-dimensional aerial cube spins high above as the aerialists weave in and out in a skilful choreographed show. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Displaying perfect synchronicity, Aerial Cube display style and grace along with daring feats of strength and trust. Aerial Cube will captivate you from start to finish.

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Andrew D is a roving juggler, comedy tennis player that loves to play 3D snakes and ladders! Andrew provides a wide variety of roving characters and stage shows to suit all types of events. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Have your guests, clients and crowds entertained by a top quality performer. See the act that holds a Guinness World Record! A funky high energy, highly skilled performance featuring five clubs on footplates and an array of juggling, balance and ladder manipulation.

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Complete with top hat & tails, Balloon Bertie is a Circus Ringmaster who has lost his circus. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Not to be deterred, stilt-walker Bertie searches high & low, all the while spreading good cheer, laughs & (very) high fives!

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As Cameo Rascale, the acrobatic family of four do it all, from adagio and hand balancing to juggling and roller boarding. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. They not only show off their amazing strength, balance, and character, but their original and unique performance is overflowing with showmanship and charisma.