Circus Performers

floozie-and-doozie Image
Let these tutti frutti, 50’s inspired comic ladies delight you with their joyful renditions of the classics of yesteryear… The Everly Brothers, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke and more. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Standing out in the crowd with their full-blown wigs of yellow hair, this duo specializes in intimate interactions with members of the crowd. Their heavenly harmonies, on the spot songs for the moment and comic wit all make these two floozies real doozies for your next event.

dan-druff Image
Be entertained by this highly skilled comic performance of uni-cycling, juggling and balloon madness, Dan Druff uses his crazy humour and zany props to woo the crowds. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Dan Druff is a vibrant and professional performer who will ensure your next event is a side-splitting success.

rosalita-ole-fortune-teller Image

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Rosalita Ole, fortune teller extraordinaire, is a mystical woman from the East who may or may not have an accent and may or may not tell you the truth about your future. But her contact juggling ball skills will convince you that she is no phoney… at something! Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Rosalita is a very popular roving character for corporate dinners and small spaces. It’s comedy and skill combined for a charming and engaging character!

circus-circus Image
Circus Circus is back in town. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Mr Moriarty’s Incredible Travelling Circus Players include Muscles Moriarty, the company strongman, Voula Hula, his hoop spinning Russian cousin and Mr Moriarty himself — ringmaster, jester and raconteur.

aerial-hoop-duo-lyra Image

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Two girls will together take to the air on the one apparatus. Using a mixture of balance, flexibility, strength and amazing teamwork, they mesmerize the audience with poise, grace and beauty as they spin through the air. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Awe-inspiring in its execution, this aerial act is always a favourite at weddings & corporate events. The performance consists of a Lyra (hoop) apparatus being a metal ring.

charlie-chaplin-stilt-walkers Image
How do you make the original Charlie Chaplin even better? By making him taller - much taller! These fabulous stilt-walking Chaplins will frolic above your guests, with your guests and with each other. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. This is what Charlie Chaplin would look like if he were ten feet tall – with extra big feet. These lovable characters create a sense of fun at events of all types, entertaining both the young and the young at heart. The Charlie Chaplin Stilt Walkers will bring a smile to practically every face.

cyber-dragon-queen Image
Cyber Dragon Queen is a fantasy creature. This living statue interacts with the flow and mood of the audience, combined with different styles of pantomime and ‘silent’ expressions. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. A great visual act, Cyber Dragon Queen can either stay still in one spot ore rove around. Cyber-Dragon Queen can also be teamed up with the mystical Zazoria.

dare-devils Image
You won't find stilt walkers more athletic or agile than the Dare Devils. Sporting full red and silver leathers, these futuristic characters on stilts are tough girls on a mission! Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. The Dare Devils are an energetic and interactive stilt roving act that spark the imagination of everyone they encounter.

solo-fire-spectacular Image
Mammoth amounts of fire, an impressive range of fire skills all add elements of uniqueness that provides you with a show unlike any other. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. The unusual fire tools used in this performance include three-sectional staff, duo cross-staff, blades and fire sword. The Solo Fire Spectaular is a powerful and graceful show that will captivate any audience.

the-ringmaster Image
Starting in the circus as a FireEater and Juggler, he fell into being a Clown, stepped sideways to be a Magician and is now taking it easy as a fun, dynamic and engaging MC, The Ringmaster. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Having been an entertainer for the past 18 years, The Ringmaster has compered Ku-Ring-Gai Australia Day festivities, Variety Circus Spectacular, and Penrith City festival where Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan and Country Music star Travis Collins were feature acts.