Circus Performers

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DebonAir holds some of the most memorable 'wow factor' moments you can give your event. They can either exclusively create a never-seen-before act for your event with custom engineered music, costumes and choreography or can deliver an established act proven to leave your audience mesmerised. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Debonair will provide stunning handmade costumes decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals, along with incredible music and original aerial choreography.

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Part Victorian strongman, part Russian gymnast, part Freddy Mercury and all comedy - The Strongman will entertain and amuse with his physical comedy, massive muscles and awesome feats of strength! This comedic take on the circus archetype is perfect for all circus themed and family friendly events. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. A stalwart of the traditional circus, the Strongmen were renowned for their big bushy moustaches, bulging biceps and, of course, their incredible Feats of Strength. The show can be performed to the fitting music of Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire, or can be custom-produced to your requirements.

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Prepare to be dazzled by lights, thrilled by fire. Discover beauty in the bizarre. Drawing inspiration from a time when avant-garde cabaret and circus ruled the stage Verogue Dereesi is the fiery femme fatale. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Falling head first into the art of circus, Verouge has trained with some of the best teachers and performers in the business. Verouge has become a master in the field, her acts seamlessly fuse together traditional sideshow disciplines including fire manipulation, the human blockhead and more.

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Everyone loves bubbles but Dr Hubble really loves bubbles and he wants to show you why. Join Dr Hubble on a fun and funny journey into the beautiful world of bubbles. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. You will see: bubbles inside bubbles, a square bubble, the explode-a-bubble and the world famous kid-in-a-bubble.

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The Carnival is a circus opera composed by Chloé Charody at aged 24, and developed by Chloé Charody and Sonja Schebeck. ‘The Carnival’ debuted on London’s West End in March 2011 with a sold out season and was met with critical acclaim from the notoriously harsh London media. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. The show was crowned “A showcase of genius” (Itchy London UK), “Blooming fantastic!” (The Daily Telegraph) “Charody’s talent is indisputable” (The Stage, UK)

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Be entertained by this highly skilled comic performance of uni-cycling, juggling and balloon madness, Dan Druff uses his crazy humour and zany props to woo the crowds. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Dan Druff is a vibrant and professional performer who will ensure your next event is a side-splitting success.

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Rosalita Ole, fortune teller extraordinaire, is a mystical woman from the East who may or may not have an accent and may or may not tell you the truth about your future. But her contact juggling ball skills will convince you that she is no phoney… at something! Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Rosalita is a very popular roving character for corporate dinners and small spaces. It’s comedy and skill combined for a charming and engaging character!

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Circus Circus is back in town. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Mr Moriarty’s Incredible Travelling Circus Players include Muscles Moriarty, the company strongman, Voula Hula, his hoop spinning Russian cousin and Mr Moriarty himself — ringmaster, jester and raconteur.

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Two girls will together take to the air on the one apparatus. Using a mixture of balance, flexibility, strength and amazing teamwork, they mesmerize the audience with poise, grace and beauty as they spin through the air. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. Awe-inspiring in its execution, this aerial act is always a favourite at weddings & corporate events. The performance consists of a Lyra (hoop) apparatus being a metal ring.

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How do you make the original Charlie Chaplin even better? By making him taller - much taller! These fabulous stilt-walking Chaplins will frolic above your guests, with your guests and with each other. Areas of speciality include Circus Performers. This is what Charlie Chaplin would look like if he were ten feet tall – with extra big feet. These lovable characters create a sense of fun at events of all types, entertaining both the young and the young at heart. The Charlie Chaplin Stilt Walkers will bring a smile to practically every face.