X Factor Australia

There’s a reason they call it the “X-Factor”.

Some people just have that spark, that unquenchable energy which makes them the star of the room, the stage, or the country.

If they’re intimidated by the bright lights or the pressure, you’d never know it. Whether they’re singing in front of thousands or on a makeshift bar in a stage, they have a knack for leaving their audience in pure delight.

Enhance Entertainment loves performers with the X-Factor, and that’s why we decided to create our very own team of talent direct from the hit TV show.

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Like you, we’ve sat at our TVs fixated at the talent we see on the X-Factor Australia. We’ve rooted for our favourite singers and felt the sting of disappointment when they’re booted off. But we’ve also felt that thrill when the winner is announced and a joyous mayhem explodes on the screen.

We take those moments on the television screen and bring them to your event by curating a team of X-Factor Australia performers that bring their vibrant energy to your next event. With each song they perform, you see more and more the star-quality vigour that won the hearts of thousands, even millions of eager fans.

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You won’t find us behind the microphone on prime-time television. Yet from the moment you contact us to hire your X-Factor Australia performer, you’ll notice that we’ve got a spark you won’t find with other talent bureaus.

Our maxim, “Your event just got interesting,” is integral to all our interactions with you. We work with you to sort out the details, select the right performer and setup your event with our trademark commitment to excellence and professionalism.

We never forget that we’re responsible to make your event unforgettable. To begin your search for an X-Factor Australia performer, call us on 1300 884 485 today.

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Louise Adams, runner-up of The X Factor 2015, is set to release her self-titled debut album on December 15th. Louise's debut single ‘History’ is at radio and available to download and stream through digital retailers today. Areas of speciality include X Factor Australia. Louise’s debut album will feature re-recorded studio tracks of some of her incredible performances on the show including ‘Someone Like You’, ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘You Don’t Own Me’ as well as her debut single, ‘History’. The album will also feature Louise’s standout performance of ‘Bang Bang’, the song that made her such a strong contender in the show early on in the Top 12 this year!
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In the last week of November 2011, Reece Mastin achieved more than many artists achieve in their whole lifetime. Aside from his slam-dunk popular win of The X Factor, Reece also managed to fit into his week a telecast performance duet with international pop-icon Kylie Minogue, signing a major-label contract with Sony Music Australia, releasing his debut single, securing his first #1 single, attending the Australia ARIA Awards, recording his eleven-track debut album, filming a music video for his hit single Good Night, AND turning 17 years old! Areas of speciality include X Factor Australia. Throughout it all, the confident and talented teenage performer has taken it within his stride, proving he’s made for this business.

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Nathaniel might have tasted success in Australia but he’s a global citizen with global aspirations, and he intends to stay that way. Areas of speciality include X Factor Australia. Born in Cape Town, Nathaniel’s parents moved to Melbourne when he was just six, and encouraged him to develop his natural gifts at an early age, and now he’s more determined, focused and hungry as ever.
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