World Musicians

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This professional group of pipers provides a stirring opening or finale to any event or a poignant moment within ceremonies. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Performing on the Great Highland Bagpipes and drums the Pipers of Distinction all wear traditional kilt, white shirt and tie, black jacket, sporran and ghille brogues.

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Doudoumba is an exhilarating performance using a wide range of traditional African instruments. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Rhythmic chanting and animated dance are important elements of Doudoumba and audience participation is encouraged. Doudoumba’s performers hail from Guadeloupe (West Indies), Ghana (West Africa), United States of America, Germany and Australia.

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Caribbean Soul is the intriguing sounds of the steel drum, sweet reggae music, the happy beats of calypso, soca and all the sensual dance moves of the Caribbean Islands. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Caribbean Soul will have everyone dancing to reggae hits from the charts, original music and hot calypso and soca music. How you feeling? Hot, Hot, Hot! They are also experts at performing soft steel-pan mood music, well known island songs and laid back melodies, to full on dance music.

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In an irresistible blend of guitars, voice and rhythm, Gypsy Rhythms effortlessly combine contemporary Spanish, popular flamenco and classical music. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Gypsy Rhythms is the passion of Spain. The multi-talented leader and guitarist has studied at the Paco Pena school of Flamenco in Cordoba.

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With a line-up of instrumentalists hailing from all corners of the globe, and unsurpassed versatility, Sincopa will ensure your event is unforgettable. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Our talented vocalists can also sing in a variety of languages including Russian, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew. The array of music is endless, from Latin, to Disco to the Top 40 Hits, the choice is completely up to you. Sincopa Band will make sure your guests are blown away by our spectacular performance and will not want to leave the dance-floor!

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Let us create for you the atmosphere of a cabaret nightclub, right at your table, sometimes right on your laps! Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Roving Music members are all skilled roving entertainers taking with us our musical instruments, our feathers and our fire, getting up close and personal, and then bursting into seemingly spontaneous choreographies to all your favourite tunes.

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This unique blend of musicians provides a relaxing, beautiful and evocative musical experience. Skylark has an extensive jazz repertoire and selected classical works. Headed by singer Vicki King, Skylark produces a soulful acoustic blend of jazz vibes and vocals, making them an ideal choice for any event. Areas of speciality include World Musicians.

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The Gumnuts are well known as the leaders in Australiana and Celtic shows. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. The Gumnuts work with the aid of an interpreter when performing to a Japanese audience but they also work for most part without a safety net as the shows are always made very visual and music being the universal language it never fails to entertain.

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Take a handful of soul music, mix it with a little latin, a touch of reggae, and spice it up with performances from some of Sydney’s hottest jazz and latin musicians. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Presenting The Modecs – soul music for your generation. With a world groove that will get your hips moving, and catchy tunes you can’t help but sing along to, the Modecs will create the perfect ambiance for your event. With years of entertainment experience, The Modecs are sure to leave a smile on your face, and a bounce in your step.