World Musicians

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Kabombo Kombo is all about African groove music. Their tight off-beat rhythms, layered pulses and sweet, expressive voices, pan pipes and violin are enough to draw in anyone with a feeling for music. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Kabombo Kombo African music boasts a full west African drum set, djembes, dun-duns, and bukuraboos, drums and bass, marimba, piano, two guitars (in true African fashion), violin, and a countless variety of African pipes, zylophones, shakers and sticks.

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SoundStruck is dedicated to delivering high impact and entertaining percussion music with visual effects. They are most well known for their paint drumming performance Etna and continue to bring engaging performances to the corporate stage. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. The group has performed at The Crown Casino, The Toowoomba Food, Wine & Flower Festival, AC&E Awards in Sydney, New Years Celebrations at Paradise Point and the Asia Pacific Cities Summit.

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Capitol Groove delivers a ‘melt in your mouth’ soul funk experience which will excite you, entice you, and inspire you to grooooooove. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Ranging from a five to a ten piece outfit, Capitol Groove funks it up with smooth as butter vocals, horns that pack a punch, electrifying guitar, and drum and bass beats that will make your hips move.

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It's there in the voices, rich and inviting. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. The cool harmonies, the guitarist’s dazzling and flawless musical skills. Mercury has an inexhaustible repertoire.

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Experience Australia's red heart through the motion and emotion of didgeridoo perfomance. Our authenic and experienced didgeridoo artists perform many different styles of didgeridoo music. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Add a unique Australian flavour that only these didjeridoo players can provide at your next event.

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Introducting JA Group, a versatile jazz experience for any occasion. With over 700 performances together this exciting ensemble is guaranteed to capture the spirit of your event. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. JA Group has maintained traditional jazz instrumentation generating a sound that is rich in texture yet unobtrusive.

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Whether you choose to kick up your heels and dance the night away or sit back and relax, the members of Zion never fail to create a fab atmosphere. Areas of speciality include World Musicians. Experience the smooth sounds of Zion, one of Australia’s finest acts. This is a band that has paid special attention to all details, resulting in a performance that is without comparison. They embrace a variety of music, ranging from Popular Covers and Top 40 Dance Hits, to Rhythm and Blues, Soul Reggae, Funk and sophisticated Jazz.