World Music for Events: A Definitive Guide

Welcome to the rest of the world.

Imagine the scene. Soft, golden lights pour down onto an inky black stage. Under each light a world musician stands before his or her instrument, hands eager to strike the first note of a night full of authentic melodies, percussion and passion.

Your view moves a few feet to the right where a drummer stands with a drumstick raised in the air as if it were symbol of the creative tension about to burst from the stage. She swings her arm down in a fluid motion. Her drumstick slams against the drum and a rumble rises out of the darkness filling unlit pockets of the stage.

That deep, guttural sound is like a war cry for the rest of the musicians on the stage. They play their instruments in unison, creating a primal wall of sound that rips through the audience. Rhythms start to rise up from the stage like a fierce rainfall, each beat reverberating through every seat.

Exotic melodies snap you from your awe-struck state and your eyes fixate on the movements of one of the musicians. The sounds that spring from the dialogue between the instrument and the musician’s creativity is a priceless treasure.

And that’s just the music part of world music.

Your eyes then focus on the vibrant colours of the clothes the performers are wearing. Each colour and design is a nod to their native culture.

All of it – the thunder of the rhythm, the beauty of the music and the elegance of the outfits – meld together in a transcendent mix of culture and history that you can feel, see and embrace.

A Taste of Every Continent

We consider our team of world musicians to be one of the most lively, captivating collection of musicians in the Australian speakers bureau circuit.

We chose our team not only for their individual talent, but for the collective creativity they bring to our clients. Our world musicians perform the sounds of China, Spain, Australia, the Caribbean, Africa and South America.

The melodies are colourful. The musicians are focused and play with fervour. The sense you get from watching for just a few moments is, in many cases, pure joy.

Yet we also showcase world musicians whose performances are understated in an elegant kind of way. They take to the stage with sombre dedication to the craft. As they play the first notes of their set, you can tell that though the rhythm is simple and the colours are few, the music is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Bring the Right Feel to Your Event

With so many different cultures and musical styles at play, selecting the right world musicians for your event can be a bit tricky. Enhance Entertainment’s client consultants help you sort through our world music groups to find a band that meets your needs and requirements. We make the process easy, communicating with both you and the musicians to weave the details together for a successful night.

Click below to view our eclectic mix of world musicians, or contact us to start the conversation about what you need and when.

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