Women Speakers

The world has changed.

From North American to Eurasia, the chains that once held women down are slowly being broken, link by link.

The sound of those links snapping are heard every day across Australia: the congratulatory praise of colleagues when a female is chosen for CEO, the roar of the crowd as one of our female athletes finishes a race in first place and the professional cadence of our most beloved newscasters.

Progress has a price, though. For many of our brightest female business, entertainment and sport stars, their climb to the top of their profession has been a difficult one. Barriers still exist. According to a 2015 report by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, a 17.9 percent pay gap exists between the average weekly salary of a male worker and the average weekly salary of a female worker.

Women Speakers for Events

Filling the Leadership Gap

For many years, the upper ranks of Australia’s businesses were occupied by men. A female CEO was a rarity. While the disparity between the two genders has closed over the past three decades, the gap is still there. As of Sept. 2015, about two out of every three managers in Australia are male.

In the midst of this disparity, our female voices have become more clear and more powerful. Women are vaulting themselves into influential positions across a variety of businesses. Whether it’s real estate, restaurants and hospitality, news programs, athletics or consulting, women are speaking up and speaking out.

With the past and the present disparities firmly in mind, we’ve selected an influential and dynamic team of women speakers who are at the forefront of their industries. They speak with strength to audiences of both male and females, inspiring them to overcome the perceived barriers in front of them through a strong sense of identity and pride in who they are and what they can do.

Women in Leadership

Business Mavens: Leading the Charge

Thirty years ago, “CEO” was a title few women owned. Now, women are starting to own the title more than ever. Our female business leaders and entrepreneurs are some of our most inspirational women speakers. They share their personal journey to the top of their organisation, speaking to the unique hurdles women face and challenging all listeners to set their sights high.

Business Mavens

Women Media Personalities: Shining Bright

Very few Australian networks could survive without their female voices. The Enhance team of women speakers in the media are contemporary examples of the savvy and the strength it takes to succeed in the high-stakes world of media and entertainment.

Women Media Presenters

Female Athletes: Gold-Medal Greatness

The race to victory is an objective pursuit, clawing at the strength and courage of both male and female competitors. Our team of athletes has glided through the pools, hustled across the pitch and soared above the court on their way to monumental victories. They’ve learned that winning requires triumph over inner foes as well as outer opponents.

Female Athlete Speakers

Empower Your Workforce

As Gill Hicks, one of our women speakers has said, “We can’t control certain events or dramatic change in life – but we can control how we react and respond.” Empower your female employees to overcome obstacles and changing opinions. Browse our list of speakers below and create your shortlist today.

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