Visual Performers for Events: A Definitive Guide

They are a sight to see.

An appropriately selected sight act is a sensory experience that your audience will not soon forget. At Enhance, we continually comb through the country’s entertainment scene to find performers whose acts are as packed with talent as they are with professionalism.

We’re in the business of creating amazing events, and our visual performance team includes performers from six different genres.

Stage Shows

The key word here is WOW. Our sight-act stage shows aren’t designed to spawn a sea of yawns; they’re chosen to ignite the imagination and flood your event with earth-shaking energy. Their performances can be tailored to your brief and adapted to accommodate your space limitations.

Roving Performers

Our roving visual performers are transcendent entertainment on the move. We’ve carefully selected a team of roving artists whose expertise lies in creating a stunning visual presence and a captivating routine that will make your event live on far beyond the last seminar.


We Australians could never be accused of taking ourselves too seriously, right? Our Australiana sight acts are a quirky collection of performers whose acts make light of every corner of the continent, from the Big Smoke to the Outback and every crack in between.

Christmas Entertainment

Your audience will have a holiday to remember when they sit down and feast upon the artistic productions created by our Christmas entertainers. We say goodbye to tired old performers and choose the acts so dazzling they give Bourke Street a run for its merry money.

Circus Performers

Stilt walkers and fire eaters, anyone? Our circus performers will turn the aisles, stage and entryways of your event space into a measured free-for-all of expert acts and smile-inducing performances. We offer both a traditional take on the circus you loved as a kid and a modern spin on the big-top magic.


You can put your rabbit and hat away. Say farewell to those campy card tricks. Our magicians are savants of the sacred art of illusion. They can take the stage as a solo act or roam through the audience with snappy sleight-of-hand that will always leave your crowd in awe, but never in boredom.

The Perfect Performance: Our Expertise, Your Success

We love the bright lights, the big sounds and the memorable performances just as much as you do. But we also know that making transcendent moments is as much about details as it is about dancers, musicians, magicians and other performers.

Our team of consultants has worked with our clients to bring some of the entertainment industry’s best visual performers to conferences and events. We specialize in coordinating your space dimensions and scheduling needs along with the audio/visual requirements of the band or performer you want to hire. The end goal? A riveting performance that makes you happy you chose Enhance to hire your visual acts.

Click below to take a look at our visual acts, or give us a call and we can help you create a shortlist of performers who can take your upcoming event to the next level.

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