The Voice Australia

Reality Performers Making Unreal Music

We live in the golden era of music competitions. Shows like The Voice Australia turn the long-shot dreams of many into a dream come true for one.

We know the thrill of watching a season of The Voice from beginning to end, of watching those aspiring singers battle for a chance to be the last singer standing.

Knowing the sheer star power these singers have led us to create a unique team of performers who earned their prestige on the pressure-packed stages of The Voice Australia.

And once you hear them for the first time, in person, at your event, you’ll know why they can inspire millions.

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Using Our Voice to Elevate Your Event

We’ve been in the talent business long enough to know that, in order to provide our clients with everything they ask, we have to be vocal on their behalf.

Our team of consultants communicates your needs to the performer you choose. A/V needs. Briefs. Running sheets. They all fall under our expertise.

So take a look at our contestants from The Voice Australia based in Sydney below, or call us on 1300 884 485 today to begin a dialogue about your next event.

Will they turn around or won’t they?

You ask yourself that over and over again as a virtuoso singer is belting out an old favourite in a way that you’ve never heard anyone sing it before.

You’re sure this performer – this diamond in the rough – is going to make it all the way to the finals and, if they’re lucky, become the winner of the newest seasons of The Voice Australia.

The cameras zoom in on the faces of one of the judges. Shock washes over her as the singer hits a note that comes out as crisp as a winter morning but as powerful as a canon. She hits the button in front of her and her chair twirls around.

Finally, you say as you let out a long sigh of relief.

Now you can have your favourite Melbourne-based contestant from The Voice appear live at your next event. Simply preview the Melbourne talent below and call us on 1300 884 485 today to discuss your event.

judah-kelly Image
Judah Kelly is a big bloke with huge vocal talent, but his biggest obstacle has been finding the courage to step out from his life spent playing guitar supporting others and take the microphone for himself. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. Judah says life for him consists of days spent on open roads driving to gigs.

holly-tapp Image

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A country girl with a strong connection to the land, Holly divides her time between cattle rustling on her dad's station and studying music in Byron Bay. Growing up on the station in the remote Northern Territory, Holly first learnt guitar over the radio via distance education. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. Fast forward to age 22 and after cutting her teeth in a seven-piece funk band, Holly has picked up her guitar and decided to go solo singing folk, pop, funk and soul.
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zk Image
R'n'B soul team Kristal West and Zaachariah Fielding met four years ago but only recently melded their talents to form the duo ZK. Pointing to fellow indigenous artist Jessica Mauboy as a beacon for their aspirations, they are a lyrical blend of artists including Lauren Hill, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Beyoncé. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. As Indigenous Australian’s growing up in remote communities, both artists have struggled to have their voices heard, but that’s all set to change. The pair first met in Adelaide, where Zaacharia was cutting his teeth in the music industry as a member of an indigenous soul band. As their friendship grew and Kristal found her groove, they began performing together and collaborating as songwriters.