The Voice Australia

Reality Performers Making Unreal Music

We live in the golden era of music competitions. Shows like The Voice Australia turn the long-shot dreams of many into a dream come true for one.

We know the thrill of watching a season of The Voice from beginning to end, of watching those aspiring singers battle for a chance to be the last singer standing.

Knowing the sheer star power these singers have led us to create a unique team of performers who earned their prestige on the pressure-packed stages of The Voice Australia.

And once you hear them for the first time, in person, at your event, you’ll know why they can inspire millions.

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Using Our Voice to Elevate Your Event

We’ve been in the talent business long enough to know that, in order to provide our clients with everything they ask, we have to be vocal on their behalf.

Our team of consultants communicates your needs to the performer you choose. A/V needs. Briefs. Running sheets. They all fall under our expertise.

So take a look at our contestants from The Voice Australia based in Sydney below, or call us on 1300 884 485 today to begin a dialogue about your next event.

Will they turn around or won’t they?

You ask yourself that over and over again as a virtuoso singer is belting out an old favourite in a way that you’ve never heard anyone sing it before.

You’re sure this performer – this diamond in the rough – is going to make it all the way to the finals and, if they’re lucky, become the winner of the newest seasons of The Voice Australia.

The cameras zoom in on the faces of one of the judges. Shock washes over her as the singer hits a note that comes out as crisp as a winter morning but as powerful as a canon. She hits the button in front of her and her chair twirls around.

Finally, you say as you let out a long sigh of relief.

Now you can have your favourite Melbourne-based contestant from The Voice appear live at your next event. Simply preview the Melbourne talent below and call us on 1300 884 485 today to discuss your event.

delta-goodrem Image

award winner    has video

Delta Goodrem is a singer, songwriter, performer, pianist, actress and appears as a coach on the award winning talent show, The Voice Australia. At just 29, she is one of Australia's most accomplished female performers of the last decade, having achieved multi-platinum-selling status, eight number one singles and three number one albums. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. In 2011, Goodrem joined maestro Andrea Bocelli, the world’s most beloved tenor, as part of his US tour which was produced by David Foster. The tour with Maestro Bocelli extended to dates in Canada & Asia, singing such great songs as The Prayer and Canto Dello Terra to critical acclaim and forming a friendship and respect so deeply treasured.
  • Logie Awards: Silver Logie for Most Popular New Talent - Nina Tucker in Neighbours
  • ARIA Music Awards 2003: Best Female Artist
  • ARIA Music Awards 2003: Single of the Year - Born to Try
  • ARIA Music Awards 2003: Best Breakthrough Artist
  • ARIA Music Awards 2003: Best Pop Release - Innocent Eyes
  • ARIA Music Awards 2004: Highest Selling Album - Innocent Eyes
  • ARIA Music Awards 2008: Highest Selling Album - Delta
  • ARIA Music Awards 2010: Highest Selling Album of the Decade 200-2009 - Innocent Eyes
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fasika-ayallew Image

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From a family prominent in the Sydney Ethiopian community, Fasika Ayallew's greatest challenge has been dealing with the cultural stigma surrounding her ambition to be a professional entertainer. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. Fasika was a finalist on The Voice Australia 2017. Vocally, Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Etta James inspire her.
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kiyomi-vella Image

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Kiyomi is simply a breath of fresh air. A mix between indie, acoustic, pop and a little bit of quirk, equals the new emerging music by this young singer songwriter. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. With a voice overflowing with colour and a style somewhere between Indie and Celtic infused pop, this quirky 19 year old is simply captivating.

judah-kelly Image
Judah Kelly is a big bloke with huge vocal talent, but his biggest obstacle has been finding the courage to step out from his life spent playing guitar supporting others and take the microphone for himself. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. Judah says life for him consists of days spent on open roads driving to gigs.

anja-nissen Image

   has video

Winner of The Voice 2014, Anja Nissen is a young Australian singer, songwriter, dancer and actress from the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney, Australia. Anja's love of music was encouraged by her Danish immigrant parents who have supported Anja in following her dreams, from junior talent quests through to concert stages. Anja is a unique young vocalist, whose incredible voice and girl next-door persona see her touch people with that intangible and rare "X factor". She began charming audiences when she was just 6 years old! Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. Anja has an angelic quality and enjoys the contrasts of being glamorous for a performance before Danish Royalty, and then a regular Aussie teenager who enjoys riding her motorbike around the farm and playing with her pets including, a duck, a rabbit, a cat, and dog. Saving stranded or sick animals is another of her favourite pastimes seeing Mum and Dad frightened to lift the lid on a mysterious box they might discover!
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karise-eden Image

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Karise Eden has had a tougher life than most, and she's only 19 years old. A State ward who grew up living in more than 20 refuges, this once very shy girl found music after being fostered to a loving family who owned a music store. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. The family shared their love of music with winner of The Voice Karise and introduced her to the guitar. Musically inspired by Janis Joplin, Axl Rose, Bon Jovi, Ian Gillian and Amy Winehouse, Karise has gone on to play festivals and various venues with her fostering family.

mahalia-barnes Image

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The eldest daughter of singer Jimmy Barnes, Mahalia has been obsessed with soul music since her teens. However, being the daughter of Australia's most popular singer presents its own set of problems. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. “That’s why I have taken my time,” says Mahalia, now in her early twenties. “I needed to make sure I had the sound that I wanted and that I could make an album that’s not just like Dad would make or like anyone else would make.” For the past decade she has been singing with the Jimmy Barnes band as a back-up and featured vocalist. Then, about eight years ago she started doing her own gigs in soul and jazz clubs around Sydney.

rachael-leahcar Image

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The Voice finalist Rachael started singing lessons at the age of nine and spent a lot of her childhood singing in Italian as a result of spending time with her Italian grandparents. Rachael can sing in Italian, French and Spanish. She can also play the piano, flute and has sung in multiple choirs. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. In 2009, Rachael won a singing competition on “RAI Uno” television in Rome and has been doing semi-professional gigs over the past two years for festivals, weddings and charities. Rachael has always had music around her growing up as a child and found she related to music because she is 90% legally blind.

johnny-rollins Image

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An accomplished percussionist on the domestic circuit and international stage with his band 'Carter Rollins', it is only now at the age of 29, that Johnny has found his voice as an R'n'B soul artist. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. During his youth, Johnny showed promise as a talented high jumper until he broke his leg. This setback in sport motivated him to turn to music and he points to the careers of John Legend, Lenny Kravitz and Ben Harper as his musical role models.
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sarah-de-bono Image

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Music is more than a passion for The Voice finalist Sarah De Bono, it's her ticket to new opportunities and a life beyond the tough working class suburb she grew up in. Her life has been without privilege, however she's risen above her circumstances with determination, drive and a very rare talent. Areas of speciality include The Voice Australia. Inspired by artists like Alicia Keys, Jessie J, Usher and the late female diva Whitney Houston, Sarah likes to describe her sound as a fusion of soul and R&B. When she’s not gigging in her covers band, Sarah can be found sharing her love of music with her class of primary school students.