Stage Shows

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Featuring celebrity dance couples from Channel 7s acclaimed show Dancing With The Stars, Simply Ballroom will truly add a star element to your event. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Professional dancers perform classic ballroom dances under the spotlight, choreographed to a pre-compiled music track. Dances include the foxtrot, salsa, tango and many more. There is also an opportunity for guests to meet with the dancers after the performance.

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In Aqua, the performer uses movement and isolation to create the illusion of being underwater while performing feats of incredible strength, precision agility, and ballistic death-defiance. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Aqua is dark and moody, while at the same time graceful and beautiful. This duality adds depth and dimension to the act, creating an experience that keeps audiences enthralled.

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Shane began his career as a Mind Reader/Mentalist in Western Australia and began performing regularly in venues across the state. At age 16, he had the rare opportunity to work with one of the 80’s leading stage hypnotists, Ronrico, becoming part of his West Australian tour. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Having a unique comic & vocal ability he moved into the realms of stand-up comedy in the late 1980’s. It wasn’t long before his talents had him headlining at some of the largest comedy venues in the country. Shane enjoyed sellout shows of his production Extra Sensory Deception at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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event host and MC

For over 20 years Martin Ralph has performed in a unique space, where rare skills, mad science and family-friendly comedy collide. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Over this time Martin has perfected his unique, impossible to compare, performance.