Stage Shows

ultra-violetta Image
Ultra Violetta, aerial circus performer and hula hoop artist, performs on just about any equipment! Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Ultra Violetta performs on a variety of aerial apparatus from swinging trapeze to tissue, metres of fabric hanging from the ceiling, to a saucy strip tease on the aerial ring.
She also entertains on the ground with her cheeky and fast-paced, pin up inspired hula-hoop girl, whirling and twirling up to 30 hoops at a time!

ben-murphy Image
Ben Murphy is a highly sought after Las Vegas style Entertainer. He is Australia's only World Record Holding Illusionist for his incredible death defying escapes from Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. The Water Torture Cell featured in the immensely popular production “The Magic of Ben Murphy – MYSTIQUE” in the USA which and sold out 300 shows, making Ben the only Australian magician to have had a full run in the US!

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Nationally acclaimed children’s entertainment, The Jitterbugs is a unique, high energy, environmentally friendly show. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. The Jitterbug show is filled with non-stop entertainment and educational segments which encourage audience participation. With gentle messages through song and dance The Jitterbugs characters educate children from an early age the importance of caring for our environment.

jade-macrae Image

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Jade MacRae is one of Australia's most talented female vocalists. Born to professional musician parents she trained at a young age at Sydney's Conservatorium of Music in piano and violin. All the while, having an exceptional voice that would later lead to her redefining pop music in Australia. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Writing and recording her debut record around the world with some of the world’s best recording artists, Jade received multiple awards in Australia including APRAs, a stack of ARIA nominations and also toured alongside musical legends such as James Brown, Nelly and John Legend.

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Brand new and pumping to go, the Hip Hop Breakers dance show is a unique mix of commercial funk, break dance and street hip-hop. Experience the latest dancing sensation to hit Australia - Hip Hop Breakers! Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. These amazing performers will have you in awe with their spectacular acrobatic break dance moves and outrageous choreography. Your guests can experience what it is like to be a professional dancer for the evening with their highly popular and entertaining dance competition. Witty MC’s included!

tendrils Image
A man and a woman in costumes inspired by the intertwining roots of trees perform a seamless Adagio of acrobatic balance that takes its audience on an organic journey. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Androgynous in its execution, this routine explores the co-dependence of organisms. Always in touch – joined and entwined these two bodies balance and support one another as they curl and unfurl to the rhythm of nature’s pulse.

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Adam Dean magician is regarded as Australia’s leading entertainer in the field of comedy, magic and illusion. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. His sensational performance leaves those who witness his show astounded and marvelling at the execution of his unique trickery, illusion and sleight of hand.

duo Image
Duo is a world class acrobatic act, where two male performers achieve mind-blowing positions requiring immense power and balance in a graceful and seamless flow. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. The act is choreographed to music which further enhances the surreal and spectacular overtones of the performance. Duo were feature performers in Baz Lurmans ‘Moulin Rouge’ and were acrobatic stunt performers in Tokyo Disney’s ‘Mystic Rhythms’. Duo can also be customised to your event.

twilight Image

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Twilight weave their magic on the double trapeze in a stunningly romantic display of sensuality and athleticism. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Also available as humorous aerial performances on a Spanish web. Or for something more “down to earth” Twilight will perform one of their “Acro-pole” shows, uniquely combining acrobatics and pole dancing, or even have them as roving acrobatic entertainers.

chicago-and-all-that-jazz Image
Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to be razzle-dazzled with a very sexy, cool and exciting show. Time to dress up and party to the show-stopping numbers of All That Jazz. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Razzle-Dazzle them with the glamour and excitement that is Chicago and All That Jazz!