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"Cool classics with a fresh twist" is how critics are describing The Tap Pack. It's an all singing, all swinging, all dancing comedy show. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. The Tap Pack show is a fusion of styles for today’s audiences. Think Bruno Mars mixed with Justin Timberlake. Then combine them with the classic tap dancers Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.

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Experience the power of the Japanese taiko with this visually spectacular and powerful, high energy performance that is Taikoz! Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Combining the awesome power of the traditional Japanese taiko with the ethereal tones of the bamboo shakuhachi, TaikOz seeks to explore a synthesis of East and West, old and new.

TaikOz has established itself as one of Australia’s most energetic and exciting drumming groups.

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Enter into the world of the act synonymous with future, vision and creative. The Laserman Experience is the first act of its kind in the world to manipulate laser light. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Blades of laser light are hand manipulated right in front of your eyes! Watch the laws of physics crumble when the performer actually “holds” a beam of light in his hands, splits it into two, then bends and spins them around like a light sabre!
  • ILDA Awards 2003 – 1st Prize Special Applications
  • Monte-Carlo Magic Stars - Silver Wand & SBM Prize Monaco
  • 35th Congress of AFAP – 2nd Prize Arts Vannes

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The world's leading violin stunt duo Strings on Fire will make any event unforgettable. Fusing elements of violin, tango and fire with a uniquely formulated combination of circus stunts, that includes rola-bola, swords, knives, and flaming fiddle bows, this scorching hot pair's exceptional show highlights their tremendous circus skills and impeccable musicianship. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Known as “the world’s hottest violin duo”, Strings on Fire perform internationally at festivals and events from England’s Glastonbury Festival to “Le Scandal” Cabaret Club in New York… and just about everything in between.

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Hook the audience right from the start with LED Dance Show as an exhilarating opening act. With guests seated, simply dim the lights and watch these technical-meets-tribal, illuminated beings with brightly lit shields appear from the back of the room, walking amongst guests en route to the stage. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. The effect is breath-taking, and the entire 7.30 minute show’s high octane, cleverly imagined vibe is sure to break the ice and totally energise your audience.

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DebonAir holds some of the most memorable 'wow factor' moments you can give your event. They can either exclusively create a never-seen-before act for your event with custom engineered music, costumes and choreography or can deliver an established act proven to leave your audience mesmerised. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Debonair will provide stunning handmade costumes decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals, along with incredible music and original aerial choreography.

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It would have to take a pretty amazing entertainer to be able to dazzle Queen Elizabeth II enough for her to get up out of her seat and give a standing ovation, and Raymond Crowe has done exactly that. Raymond's unique work as an “Unusualist” consists of a combination of comedy, awe-inspiring magic and shadow art. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. His rare skills have seen him invited to headline acts in LA, and he has also made many appearances on variety television programs and talk shows world-wide, including the Royal Variety Performance and The Late Show With David Letterman.
  • The Letterman Show (TV Program)

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From catchy upbeat rhythms to sensual melodies, the Bollywood Dance Show is complete with all the animated dancing, cheeky facial expressions and drama that Bollywood is so famous for. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. A dazzling display of colour, passion and energy, this extravaganza has all the fanfare of a Bollywood Blockbuster. Fusing modern and classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Bhangara and Dandia with various other styles such as Funk, Jazz, Latin and Contemporary, these performers are simply magnetic.

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The seasoned professionals that make up BLVD are the best professional dancers in the business. Their versatility is unmatched. Between them they've performed in over 1000 corporate/commercial events and they've simply lost count of their theatre and TV credits. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Some most notable credits include international artists Ke$ha, Kylie & Taylor Swift, theatre productions Carmen (Opera Australia), Tap Dogs West End & Australian Tour, Fame The Musical, Grease, Boy From Oz (with Hugh Jackman) and Baz Luhrmann’s hit movie The Great Gatsby.

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It takes just 8 seconds to lose the attention of your audience. Let these gifted guys "pimp up" your event, product or service. Areas of speciality include Stage Shows. Surrounded by a dance troupe whose credits include Taylor Swift, Ke$ha and Kylie, this brilliant graffiti artist paints your brand, product or logo, resulting in an action-packed performance.