Stage Shows for Events

Stage Shows for Events: A Definitive Guide

We’ve set the stage for something incredible.

Enhance Entertainment has put together a team of more than 150 stage shows that have the potential to, within just 30 minutes, amaze your audience in levels you didn’t think were possible from your event entertainment.

The Mesmerizing Moment

Every great performance, whether just a few minutes or 30, reaches a point of amazement.

Dance groups choose a routine, practice for hours and then take the stage with confidence. You watch the first few seconds of their act and you think, This doesn’t seem to hard. But quicker than you can utter the words, one dancer leaps into the air, somersaults and lands with his legs split in a seemingly impossible way. You’re speechless.

And then it happens again. Other dancers begin to do things with their bodies that you just didn’t think were humanly possible. In the middle of it all, you can’t speak – all you can do is watch.

Circus-style acts and acrobats may be the entertainment of the evening, but the result is the same. Their bodies soar gracefully through the air as they flip, twist and contort their way to baffling aerial tricks. You look to your left and right and your normally chatty friends are dumbstruck by what’s happening in front of them. And they’re not alone; the entire audience sits in hushed wonder.

Let’s not forget magicians and teams of roving performers who can turn the stage into a canvas for a sort of creativity that draws you in and enraptures you with intrigue and ingenuity.

Our list of stage shows is lengthy; it’s one of the most extensive categories of performers we have. We’ve assembled enough talent to provide you with just the right performer or performers based on what you need. Singers, mindreaders, choirs and more … they’re all part of the team.

Why Time is of the Essence

We like to emphasize that our stage shows can create mind-blowing routines which last anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Many of our clients seek out our entertainment consultants because they have a very specific time slot that needs to be filled.

But simply filling that time slot isn’t enough; the entertainment needs to be of the wonder-inducing kind. Not just a few card tricks, a few songs or some dancing; it needs to be the kind of condensed, creative fury that leaves an unforgettable mark on your audience.

And that’s exactly what our stable of stage shows offers – tremendous entertainment within the necessary time frames. We don’t deal with the mundane; we deal in the indelible.

Narrowing Down Your List

Our consultants are well-trained in working with you to create a time slot that works both for your program of events and our stage show’s requirements. Our communication is clear, our passion is evident and our devotion to helping you create a transcendent day or evening of entertainment is unmatched.

Click below to view our list of stage shows, or contact us on 1300 884 485 to begin a collaboration.

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