Speakers on Disruption

What Is A Disruptor, Exactly?

Disruption isn’t just about adding to the innovation canvas.

To be a disruptor is to uproot the notion of a canvas. A true disruptor redefines how business is done. She unearths an idea that’s brilliant, simple and authentic.

If it’s disruptors you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Are You Ready to Challenge Convention?

Disruptive innovation can hurt, if you are not the one doing the disrupting.Clay Christensen

When you’re searching for a speaker on disruption, it’s more than likely you’re not looking for a pre-packaged speech. Or a monotonous monologue. You want a presentation with fire and courage that ignites your audience.

Our disruptive speakers are some of the most innovative in Australia. We have disruption experts in the fields of:

  • technology
  • markets
  • strategy
  • innovation
  • business

Keynotes to Workshops

They are experts in the audacious. They are living examples of what can happen when a company sees its vision through despite the sceptics.

Our panel of disruption experts can deliver a keynote that is tailored to your industry, your market, even your business team. And if your team needs extra help, we offer workshop solutions for every sized business.

Within that vision are the inner workings of true change. Our disruptors have the hunger to innovate, an unwavering self-belief and a passion to see the world become a better place.

An Exceptional Team, at Your Service

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.Elon Musk

As the word “disruptor” continues to captivate the business world, we saw an opportunity. That’s why we created a special class of speakers who offer a unique view of what it takes to turn an industry upside down.

We also knew that even the most captivating stories can be undercut by mediocre delivery. So we took great care to offer you disruptive speakers who live at the intersection of revolutionary ideas and riveting communication.

From Concept to Conference

We get disruption. It’s why we believe our job is to make your event as interesting and as powerful as it can be. You’ll sense that drive as our consultants work beside you to find the right speaker for your next event.

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