Soloists: The Definitive Guide


In many ways, this one word is the highest compliment that could ever be paid to a solo artist. It is, in its very essence, an acknowledgement that the skill displayed over the course of a single performance was so transcendent that hearing it in person defied the limits of human understanding.

Though grandiose, “unbelievable” and the corresponding definition are exactly what we look for when we bring a performer onto our team of soloists.

Divine Moments

Soloists – whether they sing, play the piano or strum a guitar – have the unique ability to draw the attention of an entire audience to something as subtle as the measured movement of a hand across a fret board or the way their eyes peer into the distance as they belt out the notes of a heart-wrenching melody.

It’s the kind of moment-by-moment magic that envelops us in a state of disbelief, delight and wonder. Several years ago, Italian soloist Andrea Botticelli personified this concept of wonder when he performed on a popular news show. As the skilled Italian twirled his fingers across the piano keys in front of him, his vocal chords coaxed out a beautiful piece of melody.

The news presenters on the set were stunned. They looked on, dumbfounded, as if they’d been wrapped up in some sort of spiritual moment.

When Botticelli was finished, the applause of the audience was rigorous. One of the news presenters on the set said, “Andrea, when you sing it makes me believe in God.”

Soloists for Every Season

Enhance Entertainment knows that not every event calls for a musical experience so captivating it borders on metaphysical. Our line-up of soloists isn’t limited to opera or formal singers.

We can provide musicians who use their abilities to ignite tangible excitement from the audience; cheers, clapping and dancing are all part of the mission every time they take the stage.

Singer/songwriters capture the hearts of the crowd with honest songwriting and beautiful voices. Jazz masters can sing and sax their way through beloved songs and virtuosos can take to the piano and belt out classical masterpieces or whip the crowd into a frenzy with rip-roaring, rhythm-heavy songs that will send smiles streaking across the faces of onlookers.

Choosing the Right Performer

Like the old saying goes, “Read the room.” For the soloist, it means understanding the mood of the audience and selecting the right song.

For the event planner or executive assistant, “reading the room” encompasses the process of selecting a space for an event, understanding the collective personality of the crowd and then choosing the right soloist based on these factors.

Our team of expert consultants help you understand how to tighten up your event schedule and planning to make your soloist’s performance as powerful and as entertaining as possible. We’ll work with you to create an excellent brief for the performer you want, as well as coordinate the audio and visual requirements your soloist needs.

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