Sight Acts

graceful-goddesses Image
Glamorously gorgeous in golden gowns, this exquisite act is an exceptional and sophisticated choice. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Event roving on stilts enables the pair to be seen in even the most crowded venues.

rainbow-butterflies Image
Feel what it’s like to be knee-high to a grasshopper as you look up to a bright & beautiful kaleidoscope of colour! Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Full of fun and a flutter of festivity, Rainbow Butterflies are cute and colourful butterflies on stilts that will flitter and flutter about your festival, carnival or special event.

white-sages Image
Experience a magical encounter with the serene, surreal, supernatural beings of light & purity that is White Sages. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. With an ancient wisdom & blessings for a bright future, these other-worldly mystic spirit guides are timeless, intangible, and completely engaging.

brad-m-comedy-magician Image
Brad is one of the funniest and most creative entertainers you are likely to see, a magician and comedian rolled into one. Brad’s shows feature original mind blowing magic, blended with interactive comedy to deliver an experience that has been featured in over 15 countries and described in the magic industry as “comic genius”. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Brad is renowned for his “audience-involving” comedy magic and is a much sought after performer in the corporate sector, both in Australia and internationally.

celestina-and-cumtomeea-fortune-tellers Image
These deep, insightful and divinely silly fortune tellers weave through the crowd casting their third eye on all who dare to have their fortune told… or untold. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Using tarot cards, crystal balls, fly-catchers and other classically ridiculous devices, these visionaries read people’s minds and hearts with astonishing depth, a deliciously comic edge and a whole lot of love. But be warned, it can get very, very deep – and funny.

framed-mimes Image

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Bring fresh new perspective to your event with The Framed Mimes. The frame has LED lights on the inside, and guests love to join in for a one-of-a-kind photo op. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts.

john-m-magician Image

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John M Magician has been immersed in magic since the age of 13 when his father first introduced him to the classic “cut and restored rope” trick. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. At the age of just 17, John landed his first paying gig at an Italian restaurant where he performed close up magic to their patrons. Once the word spread of John’s amazing skills with cards and coins, he constantly found himself performing.

santas-elves Image
Everybody knows elves are the hardest workers in Santa's factory - what few people know is how much these little guys love balloons! Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Santa’s helpers will pump up some Christmas cheer at your event with their entertaining shenanigans and remarkable balloon-bending skills. Santa’s Elves can make your Christmas event highly amusing, and it’s suitable for all ages.