Sight Acts

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We offer you professional Bollywood dance performances that are colourful and vibrant! Our performances are also accompanied with an interactive workshop session to involve your guests by teaching them some Bollywood dance steps to fun "Filmi" tunes. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Our performers bring their own music, and only require use of a good sound system.

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Crossing glamour and elegance with high art, our luscious performers reinvent the table. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Make your next event adventurous with the unique and ingenious Champagne Girls. These one-of-a-kind interactive mobile-costumed performers are designed to appeal to all types of events from formal corporate functions, big events and launches to relaxed informal happenings and openings!

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Circus Circus is back in town. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Mr Moriarty’s Incredible Travelling Circus Players include Muscles Moriarty, the company strongman, Voula Hula, his hoop spinning Russian cousin and Mr Moriarty himself — ringmaster, jester and raconteur.

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Winning 'Entertainer of the Year' at the Australian Event Awards 2012, Darryl and 12 year old Harmony invoke the spirit of much-loved "Father-Daughter" duos Frank and Nancy Sinatra and Nat and Natalie King Cole - bringing to the stage a unique and special magic that makes audiences everywhere feel good! Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. This extraordinary Father-Daughter duo offer two show options – one being a collection of Broadway blockbusters, contemporary classics and operatic arias including The Prayer, Time to say Goodbye, Somewhere from West Side Story, What the World Needs Now by Burt Bacharach, The Greatest Love of All and selections from Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Opera, Beauty & the Beast, Aspects of Love and Annie.

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Experience a spectacular visual wow-factor with these unique underwater character performers! Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Enclosed in their own giant bubble, Dreamsphere performers can slowly move through guests as they interact with them, or can be positioned on stage or dance floor for great visual effect & photo opportunities.

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Surreal and minimalist performance, the Flower Orbs create striking and beautiful images against architecture, urban landscapes and enhance interiors. Using statue, tableau and dancing the Flower Orbs create scenes of oddity and elegance. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. They amuse and delight passers-by and as objects de art to be watched and admired. They bring focus at entrances for arrivals, gradually evolving their repertoire throughout their performance to interact and include others into their world.

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Heating up the dance floor, Gatsby's Great Fire Show is a spectacular fire act. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Australia’s finest fire dancers bring Gatsby’s roaring twenties to every occasion. Gatsby’s Fire is exciting, upbeat and fun! Perfect for meet and greet entertainment, available from 2 to 4 fire-masters.

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Brand new and pumping to go, the Hip Hop Breakers dance show is a unique mix of commercial funk, break dance and street hip-hop. Experience the latest dancing sensation to hit Australia - Hip Hop Breakers! Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. These amazing performers will have you in awe with their spectacular acrobatic break dance moves and outrageous choreography. Your guests can experience what it is like to be a professional dancer for the evening with their highly popular and entertaining dance competition. Witty MC’s included!

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She wiggles, she sizzles, this burlesque bombshell can spin a hoop on every part of her body, head to toe! Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. Watch her spin over 30 hoops at once in the famous “Hula Slinky”, treat yourself to the excitement of a high-skill circus act wrapped up in the body of a 50’s Pin-up Girl. Va-va-va-voom! Or as we like to say Hu-La-La!

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Australia's dance troupe Justice Crew is proof that dreams can happen. From humble beginnings in Sydney's western suburbs, the nine-member outfit became one of 2010's hottest talking points when they won "Australia's Got Talent". With the series win, they collected the $250,000 victor's prize cheque and a contract with Sony Music. Areas of speciality include Sight Acts. “Winning the competition was like a dream come true,” explains Emmanuel “EMan” Rodriguez, the unofficial frontman of Justice Crew. “It was like a book which starts from where we came from, how Justice came together, how we entered the competition, and then winning the series. It was unreal that we made it so far. It just shows that if you work really hard, you’ll get there.” Taking out the competition is by no means the end of this story. The dancers split their windfall and have invested for the future – theirs and for other aspiring dancers.
  • Sony Music Australia
  • Australia's Got Talent (TV Program)
Lukas Bellesini ("Wildrok"), Paul Eric Merciadez ("Paulie"), John Len Ruela Pearce, Len John Ruela Pearce, Samson Cosray Smith ("Samson"), Solo Tohi ("Solo")