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Sovereignties, governments, multinationals, and international consulting & research firms look to Scott Amyx for unrivalled insights and pulse on the changing landscape.

Scott has over 20 years of large-scale strategy and implementation experience, managing double digit million dollar projects across multiple verticals. In his last corporate position as VP of Product Management, Scott helped the company be acquired by a Fortune 500 publicly traded company. Scott has also started numerous startups and successfully sold a company.

Scott has his finger on the pulse of IoT and Wearables. He’s a definitive source of knowledge, who ties together all of the activity occurring in this nascent sector. Highly recommended.Tony Rovello, Principal Product Manager, Alexa at Amazon
Scott Amyx is the Chair & Managing Partner at Amyx Ventures, Forbes New York Business Council Member, Singularity University/ Smart City Accelerator mentor and startup board member and SXSW Pitch (formerly SXSW Accelerator) judge.

Scott is a Tribeca Disruptor Foundation Fellow, a disruptive innovation awards program of Tribeca Film Festival. Scott is a national Sloan Fellow/ Woodrow Wilson Fellow.

● TEDx Speaker
● Forbes New York Business Council Member
● Singularity University/ Smart City Accelerator Mentor
● SXSW Pitch/Accelerator VC Judge
● IBM Futurist
● Tribeca Disruptor Foundation Fellow
● National Sloan Fellow/ Woodrow Wilson Fellow
● Voted Top Influencer by Skyhook
● Voted Top Rockstar by HP Enterprise
● Voted Top Influencer by Inc. Magazine
● Voted Top Global Expert by Postscapes
● Voted Top Expert by Onalytica (2016, 2017)
● Voted Top in the Business by Relayr (2016, 2017)
● Voted Top Authority by the Internet of Things Institute
● Featured as a Top Company by Postscapes
● Voted Most Influential in Smart Cities and IIoT by Right Relevance
● Winner of the Cloud & DevOps World Award for Most Innovative
● Awarded 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by World CSR Congress

He has spoken at TEDx on exponential technologies, Fourth Industrial Revolution & success. Scott is a global thought leader, futurist, voted top global innovation keynote speaker, and author on smart cities, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and winner of the Cloud & DevOps World Award for Most Innovative and was voted Top Global Exponential Technologies Expert by Inc. Magazine, HP Enterprise, and Postscapes & Top 10 Global Innovation Keynote Speaker by

Scott has been nominated to the World Economic Forum as a committee member for the Future of the Internet. The Republic of Korea nominated Scott to present at the ITU Telecom World, United Nations.

It was great working with Scott Amyx at this years’ IoT World and IoT Security shows where he provided some great insight into IoT technologies, the Wearables markets; and securing IoT networks through managed PKI Certificates! His presentations were engaging and comprehensive and we look forward to continuing to work with Scott moving forward.Dominie Roberts, Event Director at Informa
Scott’s feature Wiley book is Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success. Pioneering thought leader Scott Amyx shows anyone striving to succeed, regardless of who or where we are, what we do or have done for a living, or how young or old we are, that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but doing the things uncomfortable he calls “strive”. Drawing on his own powerful story of an impoverished immigrant frequently told that he would mount to nothing, Amyx, now a celebrated venture capitalist and futurist, describes his meteoric rise from obscurity to prominence, which led to the hypothesis that what really drives success is not intellect, opportunities or even network but pursuing personal change that’s uncomfortable. In this book, Scott takes readers into his defining life moments and stories from some of the most unlikely individuals who persevered through change to become outrageously successful.

He also mines fascinating insights from history and shows what can be gleaned from modern experiments in high performance. Finally, he shares what he’s learned from interviewing dozens of high achievers—from corporate CEOs, unicorn startup entrepreneurs to global policy leaders. Strive shows how you can shape your life and your career, a life of fulfillment and joy, constantly creative and productive, one that always holds the possibility of delightful surprise.

Scott’s presentation at NED 2018 was very refreshing, filled with interesting best practices from around the world and content tailored specifically for our country. We appreciate that he researched deeply into our culture, economics, politics and digital maturity to help our audience understand where we as a nation stand in digital transformation. His speech rallied the audience to keep moving forward, to continuously improve and to understand how Peru can lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution.NED/Seminarium Team

Scott’s second feature book The Human Race: How Humans Can Survive in the Robotic Age is scheduled to come out next year. Scott explores the imminent net job loss from artificial intelligence, robotics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on income inequality and rise in populism and nationalism that are sweeping across the globe.

What is the role of humans in the world of hyper-automation? AI-driven cyber-physical automation is expected to displace 50% to 80% of the human workforce by 2030. As the pace of convergence of exponential technologies reach near vertical slope, the trend of human displacement is unstoppable. What will be the role of humans?

For the structurally unemployed and underemployed, it will be bleak future with limited options. Only those with highly specialised PhDs in fields that create, train and maintain AI, robotic and advanced scientific and technical systems may have a place in the world of hyper-automation. Contrary to popular belief that only predictable physical work is automatable, as narrow AI continues to master new niches, it will amass a superset of capabilities that will not only replace tasks but holistic job functions.

There is no senior executive, policymaker or subject matter expert that will be safe. Scott explores the limitations of universal basic income and taxing robots. Instead, he proposes a vastly different, out-of-the-box solution called the Human Currency. It’s a global economy and a cryptocurrency based on human-to-human empathy services. Moreover, it has the resiliency and sustainability built into the system to ensure the viability of the human race for centuries to come.

Scott emphasises the need to pursue job training and labor force development in human-to-human services that leverage our ability to empathise with the human condition. The empathy business models and services will become the bedrock of post Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Scott has a master’s degree in applied microeconomics/ public policy from the University of Chicago. Scott was a national Sloan Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University.

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