Roving Performers

white-angel-statue Image
Still as stone, fluid as water, creating an atmosphere of timeless beauty. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. This unique performance is perfect for making your event truly unforgettable as the statues “come to life” giving your guests a little wink, wave and smile. The White Angel Statue creates a unique and impressive installation feature for your event.

framed-mimes Image

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Bring fresh new perspective to your event with The Framed Mimes. The frame has LED lights on the inside, and guests love to join in for a one-of-a-kind photo op. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers.

john-m-magician Image

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John M Magician has been immersed in magic since the age of 13 when his father first introduced him to the classic “cut and restored rope” trick. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. At the age of just 17, John landed his first paying gig at an Italian restaurant where he performed close up magic to their patrons. Once the word spread of John’s amazing skills with cards and coins, he constantly found himself performing.

mad-hatter-band Image

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Bringing the characters of Alice in Wonderland to life, The Mad Hatter Band is a fun trio of Tuba, C melody saxophone, Ukelele and Vocals. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Together they play a fun collection of vintage Disney Classics, and classic Tin Pan Alley tunes from the 1910’s to the 30’s.