Roving Performers

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Cosmic Beings are multimedia and dance artists who specialise in shows for the corporate world. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Their striking electroluminiscent light-suits sync perfectly with graphics, music and props to create a virtual journey within each performance, a glimpse into another dimension.

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KidCat are the perfect roving and audience interactive character. These creatures are mysterious and elegant, roaming to music seemingly playing from nowhere. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. The eyes of these feline performers project a live feed of what they are seeing and audiences are intrigued when they see themselves displayed in the KidCat’s LCD screen eyes.

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Meet illuminated elegance with Hula Illumination. Smooth hula hoop moves with the latest high-tech glowing hula hoops make this act is a show stopper. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Featuring a multi-skilled female circus performer renowned for her stylish hula hoop moves and diverse skills, Hula Illumination has performed in over 20 countries, in five languages. She brings a professionalism, style and skill to her act making this show not only completely unique, but utterly unforgettable.

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Delicate, shimmering and inspiring The Butterflies fill the summer sky with dreamy wings and visions of grandeur. The Butterflies are perfect for summer festivals, garden parties, parades, openings or large crowds. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. The expansive wings need a lot of room and work well in light winds.

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Eco friendly, Solar Bugs is a dazzling new stilt act. Solar panels embedded into the costumes soak up the sun by day and glow at night. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Off-the-grid the Solar Bugs are part of our new green-energy future. Daytime & evening roving, a sensational entertainment option.

flower-orbs Image
Surreal and minimalist performance, the Flower Orbs create striking and beautiful images against architecture, urban landscapes and enhance interiors. Using statue, tableau and dancing the Flower Orbs create scenes of oddity and elegance. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. They amuse and delight passers-by and as objects de art to be watched and admired. They bring focus at entrances for arrivals, gradually evolving their repertoire throughout their performance to interact and include others into their world.

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Our costumes are spectacular, our performers simply stunning! We are here to make your event something that is out of this world. Guests will be spellbound; in awe of the movement, colour and glamour that is Living Tables. They will indulge in delicious eye candy treats; unique and spectacular. We have a long list of whimsical creations, so take your time to explore them all. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Allow sumptuous swans, preening peacocks and fabulous flamingos to wander free throughout your party or event. Created from the finest of materials and delicious hand dyed plumes with more than a generous sprinkling of Swarovksi crystals, these stilt walking birds are perfectly divine for the most sophisticated of events.

strolling-tables Image
Why serve your guests the old-fashioned way when you can have our elegant strolling table beauties WOW them with grace, beauty and creativity? Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Dressed to suit any theme, these stunning interactive installations are a beautiful addition to any event and stylish way to keep the champagne flowing, make your desserts stand out or have your canapés make a statement!

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Crossing glamour and elegance with high art, our luscious performers reinvent the table. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. Make your next event adventurous with the unique and ingenious Champagne Girls. These one-of-a-kind interactive mobile-costumed performers are designed to appeal to all types of events from formal corporate functions, big events and launches to relaxed informal happenings and openings!

diamond-moon Image
This incredible diamond moon will have you and your guests traveling to the skies above and reaching for the stars. One of our beautiful costumed girls will lounge, pose, dance and bedazzle on this handcrafted masterpiece. She can blow bubbles, pour champagne or invite guests to sit by her side on this divine creation. Areas of speciality include Roving Performers. This burlesque inspired glamour icon has a huge span of two metres tall and wide. The moon is brought to life as light dances off diamond motifs scattered over the moon’s curved face. It can also be accompanied by a fairy light curtain backdrop supplied by us. This beautiful arrangement will inevitably become the room’s centrepiece and the object of every guest’s attention.