Roving Acts: The Definitive Guide

You don’t always need a magician to make your event magical.

Our team of roving acts are specialists in transforming a drab meeting room or dining hall into a palate of the impossible.

Making Magic Happen

Event organizers see a space as an organizational canvas where seating and details are the key to an event.

Our sight performers have a slightly different point of view. While they respect the organization and flow of the room, their responsibility is to create captivating moments of creativity which transport your attendees to unbelievable realms of entertainment.

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Fascinating Acts

Our roving acts are experts in entertaining crowds in a variety of ways. Some of our performers tap into the transcendent with visually stunning acts. Take our ballerinas in a bubble for example.

When you see them from a distance, you’re not quite sure what your eyes are observing. From afar, you see the delicate moves which typify the grace and elegance of a ballerina. Hands flutter like birds. Feet rise and fall like the nimble waves of the sea.

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As she draws closer, you realize what you’re watching. The ballerina seemingly glides along the ground in a bubble. The juxtaposition of the ballerina’s elegance and the ethereal feel of the bubble are fascinating.

She seems at once free in her creativity and enclosed in her own world. The effect on everyone around her is a mesmerizing one. Attendees watch in stunned silence.

Our ballerinas are one part of our team of roving acts.

Hula illumination specialists light up the eyes of audience members as much as our ballerinas in a bubble do.

They take the stage or the floor under the cover of darkness. Their hoops leap to lighted life with vibrant blues, greens, reds and yellows.

As they begin to spin, onlookers are lulled into the fascinating beauty of bright colours flashing, spinning and twirling through the dark air. Music adds to the mood as the performer works her way around the crowd, her dazzling hoops winning awed glances wherever she goes.

Choosing the Right Roving Act

As you begin booking talent, you’ll be overwhelmed with the choices you have. Ballerinas in bubbles, living tables, replicants, hula illumination – the decisions can be as stimulating and incredible as the acts themselves.

Our expert consultants will talk with you to find out what type of facilities you have, what acts will complement your goal and what needs to be done to make sure the talent has everything they need to deliver a memorable performance.

We help you organize the details, tighten up the running sheet and line up the proper audio-visual resources to ensure a dazzling show.

Begin Your Search for Roving Acts

We chose our team of roving acts because we believe they provide you the most professional, most memorable acts that you’ll find in the Australian entertainment circuit. Take a look at the list of performers below and contact us to find the right act for your next event.

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