Party Bands for Events

Do you remember the first time you heard a live band?

There’s nothing that beats that initial jolt of excitement as the drummer smashes a drumstick into a cymbal and the band leaps to life.

Energy pours off the stage as if that day were the last in human history. Guitars crunch and soar. The bass drives along with undaunted determination. The lead singer belts out classic songs like each one was his last.

The enthusiasm is unbeatable. The atmosphere is incomparable.

And that’s exactly what you get when you choose an Enhance Entertainment party band.

Party All Night Long…

We’ve seen enough bands to know that just because a group of musicians calls themselves a “party band” doesn’t mean they’re worth hiring.

We search out bands whose members are professional, reliable and, most of all, talented.

Creating a moment of truly transcendent music is a monumental task of musicianship and professionalism. Yet to do that for an entire night can be nearly impossible.

We’ve hand-selected our team party bands because they’ve got the skills and the maturity to whip up your attendees into a frenzy of all-night-long enthusiasm that will serve as the perfect way to kick off the first night of your event or the most fitting choice to close a day, days or week of events.

…Until the Break of Dawn

Let’s return to the moment you first heard a live band. Now imagine that moment taking place at your next event.

Whether your attendees have enjoyed a retirement party, wedding or a private event you’ve worked hard to pull off, they’ll devour the energy and vigour our party bands bring to the stage.

Our choices for bands include big, brassy acts that can put a smile on your face and make you get up and dance. Well-dressed men and women take to the stage with an air of confidence and a hint of a smile. Speakers jolt to life, singers hit the high notes and a swell of energy overtakes the room.

We also feature themed bands who specialize in music from different decades. If the 70’s are your style, we’ve got a band for that. Tall, leggy dancers dazzle the audience with their fluid, graceful moves. Top-notch musicians twirl their way through riffs we’ve all grown to love.

If it’s a girl band you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Sassy, talented women take the stage in all of their performance glory, wowing your audiences with unbelievable melodies and harmonies.

Your Next Party Band

We put as much work into planning the logistics and details of your party-band hire as we do in selecting Australia’s finest musicians to join our party-band line up. Our team of consultants work with you from start to finish, ensuring that your band understands your event, schedule and audience. We make sure all audio-visual requirements are met and, most of all, that your event attendees get out of their seats and get on the dance floor! Take a look at the party bands below and contact us to find out which group works best for you.

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