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Mark Seymour is internationally regarded as one of Australia's best music artists. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Since making his name as the lead singer of Hunters and Collectors, Mark has enjoyed a stellar career as a singer and acoustic guitarist. He has also composed film scores, written and performed music for theatrical productions and acted. Mark reached Australian rock cult status throughout the 80s and 90s as the lead singer for Hunters and Collectors, the band performed around the world, a rollicking eight piece funk ensemble.
  • ARIA Music Awards 2001: Best Adult Contemporary Album - One Eyed Man
  • Hunters & Collectors (Music Group)
  • Mushroom Records
  • Sony Australia

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James Reyne is one of Australia's most loved singer-songwriters. James led the seminal Australian Crawl to the top of the Australian music scene and followed this with a platinum lined solo career, releasing 9 solo albums to date. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. James hasn’t kept himself entirely in the studio or at live venues; his other projects have included hosting Dig TV for ABC 2, acting and some interview/hosting for various Foxtel VH1 specials.

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Album sales in excess of one million worldwide, a Top 10 single on the Billboard US pop charts, a No. 1 single on the Billboard US dance charts, a Top 10 single in the UK, a No. 1 single in Australia for 12 consecutive weeks, 7 Top 10 singles in Australia, a No. 1 single in Canada, Sweden and Finland, 4 albums reaching gold and platinum status and a swag of industry awards... Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Pseudo Echo’s sensational chart topping achievements in the Eighties, kept them on an exciting rollercoaster ride through one of the most prominent music decades of our time.

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It would be hard to find a voice that captures the mood of a song more perfectly than this on. It's the voice that soars with inspiration, soul and warmth. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. The voice of course belongs to Australian singer Daryl Braithwaite. In a distinguished career spanning more than 30 years, Daryl Braithwaite is one of Australia’s award winning premier performers.
  • Sherbet
  • Festival Records
  • Sony Music

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Ella Hooper is an award-winning entertainer with a quality that sets her apart from others – authenticity. On her career path, from a humble country upbringing through to award-winning ‘pop-star’ and household name, Ella has walked the talk. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Her honesty and enthusiastic approach to life results in her broad appeal, across all age ranges from all walks of life.

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An accomplished percussionist on the domestic circuit and international stage with his band 'Carter Rollins', it is only now at the age of 29, that Johnny has found his voice as an R'n'B soul artist. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. During his youth, Johnny showed promise as a talented high jumper until he broke his leg. This setback in sport motivated him to turn to music and he points to the careers of John Legend, Lenny Kravitz and Ben Harper as his musical role models.
  • The Voice Australia

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Boom Crash Opera would like to invite you to join them for a night to remember, celebrating over 25 years of their outstanding musical history by taking a look back at the bands remarkable career. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Boom Crash Opera formed in Melbourne in 1985. Initially based around the songwriting partnership of Richard Pleasance (guitar/bass/vocals 1985- 1992) and Peter Farnan (guitar/bass/keys/vocals), Boom Crash Opera also includes Dale Ryder (lead vocals), Peter ‘Maz’ Maslen (drums/vocals), Greg O’Connor (keyboards/guitar) and Ian Tilley (bass/vocals).
Richard Pleasance, Dale Ryder, Peter Farnan, Peter Maslen, Greg O'Connor, Ian Tilley, Dorian West, Mick Vallance

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In an extraordinary career now spanning 5 decades of touring, singing, writing and producing 'Mr Eagle Rock' Ross Wilson has seen his bands Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock and his songs, performed by the likes of Farnsey, Barnsey and Troy Cassar-Daly, regularly topping the Australian charts for 45 years. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Ross’ album released in 2010 was recorded in Nashville with ex-pat Aussie producer Mark Moffatt. The title track ‘Hell of a Time’ was originally written for Jimmy Barnes 1994 acoustic album Flesh and Wood, but now receives the traditional Ross Wilson rockin’ treatment.

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Tim Rogers is an instantly recognisable name and has earned critical acclaim for his unique Australian song writing and has endeared himself to a whole generation. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Tim Rogers formed You Am I with his school friend Nick Tischler and his own older brother Jaimme Rogers in 1989, though the lineup shifted around early on, settling on Andy Kent on bass and Mark Tunaley on drums.
  • You Am I

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Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Gotye is the music-making mantle of one-man band, Wally de Backer. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. A few years ago his indie album, Like Drawing Blood, became an underground classic and saw Gotye collect the 2007 ARIA Award for Best Male Artist.
  • Grammy Awards - Best Australian Contemporary Concert (2018)
  • Grammy Awards - Record of the Year (2013)
  • Grammy Awards - Best Pop Duo/Group Performance (2013)
  • Grammy Awards - Best Alternative Music Album (2013)
  • APRA Music Awards - Most Played Australian Work Overseas (2013)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Album of the Year (2012)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Best Pop Release (2012)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Best Cover Artist (Frank de Backer) (2012)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Best Male Artist (2012)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Best Australian Live Act (2012)
  • MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Australia & New Zealand Act (2012)
  • APRA Music Awards - Song of the Year (2012)
  • APRA Music Awards - Most-played Australian work (2012)
  • APRA Music Awards - Songwriter of the Year (2012)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Best Male Artist (2011)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Producer of the Year (2011)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Best Video (Natasha Pincus) (2011)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Best Pop Release (2011)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Single of the Year (2011)
  • ARIA Music Awards - Best Male Artist (2007)
  • AIR Awards - Most Outstanding New Independent Artist (2006)