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Pete Murray is just out of the surf, looking the way he always does: fit, lean, up for whatever the day has in store. He exudes energy, all of it positive. Like his new music. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Years ago he took a complete break from his career as one of Australia’s favourite music artists, refusing every work offer that came his way, devoting his time to fathering his two sons and, free from the rock’n’roll lifestyle of late nights and early flights, hitting the surf near his northern New South Wales home. “I needed time to let the well fill up again. I had worked hard and wanted to sit and enjoy life for a while. I’ve loved having the time to do more surfing, waking up early, in the water by seven. It clears your mind when you are out among the waves and you feel so much better when you come in, ready for the day ahead.”