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Beginning in Adelaide in 1973, it wasn't until 1975 that Cold Chisel consolidated into its definitive line-up. The first two albums, Cold Chisel and Breakfast at Sweethearts presented the live classics "Khe Sanh", "Home and Broken Hearted", "One Long Day", "Merry-Go-Round", "Shipping Steel", "Breakfast at Sweethearts" and "Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye)". Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. With accumulated album sales of almost 7 million and an unquenchable demand for tickets whenever they tour, the Australian public continues to reaffirm its deep connection with the inimitable Cold Chisel.
  • APRA Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Services to Australian Music (2016)
  • ARIA Hall of Fame Award (1993)
Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss, Don Walker, Steve Prestwich, Phil Small

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Jimmy Barnes is the heart and the soul of Australian rock & roll. His nickname, “Barnesy”, conjures up thoughts of rock music at an ear-splitting volume, and of soul standards given a unique reading. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Jimmy has been through it all, and literally lived to tell the tales. He has sold more records in Australia than any other local rock & roll artist. He has enjoyed fifteen #1 albums here – more than the Beatles – and for over 40 years he has delivered some of our most intense and iconic live performances. He is truly in a league of his own.
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The Hoodoo Gurus got together in Sydney on January 1st 1981 to play their first "show" in an inner city lounge room. Core members are Dave Faulkner and Brad Shepherd who are joined by Kimble Rendall, Rod Radalj and James Baker. No bass player. When the band sign with Big Time Records they consist of Dave, Brad, James and bassist Clyde Bramley. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Their first single was “Leilani”, followed by “Tojo” and “My Girl” which were both released in 1983.

Album number 1 “Stoneage Romeos”, was named Australian Debut Album of the Year and was released in America where it stayed at number 1 in the Alternative/College charts for 7 weeks, becoming one of the most played albums for the year on the college network. Drummer Mark Kingsmill joins in time for their first tour of the United States. The Gurus take on Michael McMartin as their manager.

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Midnight Oil, are certainly a band that has triumphed with its art regardless of current trends or the political or economical state of the world. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. ‘Capricornia’, the band’s 14th full-length release in February 2010, is innovative yet evocative summing up the spirit of this vast and strikingly beautiful country we live in.

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Tim Rogers formed the first version of the band with his school friend Nick Tischler and his older brother Jaimme in December 1989. The band's name was derived from late-night sessions under the influence of alcohol. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. This initial line-up was short-lived and by the end of 1990 both Nick and Jaimme had left the band. (In the band’s 1993 song “Jaimme’s Got A Gal,” Tim explains why his brother left.) They were replaced by the group’s one-time sound mixer Andy Kent (bass) and Mark Tunaley on drums.

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Some muse that rock icons Dragon grew up with the Australian music scene and others affirm that it was Dragon that helped the scene grow up. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Whatever the case, with hits flowing before Cold Chisel left the rehearsal room, before Icehouse had studied for their algebra finals, and before Australian Crawl had learnt to, Dragon had the nation captivated with “April Sun in Cuba”, “Are You Old Enough?”, “Get That Jive”, “Still In Love With You” and more.

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Legendary Australian singer/songwriter, Ian Moss, is out on the road on an intimate acoustic, East Coast solo tour. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Ian performs tracks from his album Soul on West 53rd, featuring fresh takes on classic soul songs from the likes of Sam Cooke, Al Green, Otis Redding and Levi Stubbs, as well as all the Cold Chisel / Ian Moss classics, performed as only Ian can.
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Tim Finn has enjoyed a unique and remarkable career. From his time with pop pioneers Split Enz (which he co-founded) and Crowded House to a successful solo career, Finn has shown no signs of slowing down, in the process penning such classics as Six Months In A Leaky Boat, Weather With You (with brother Neil Finn) and Persuasion (with Richard Thompson). Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Even his Anthology album (North, South, East, West) features new material and collaborations as well as re-workings of classic Finn songs. Tim Finn still has a need to be creative and inspired. It’s also transferred to the stage where in recent times he’s delivered career-defining performances at festivals such as Homebake and Bluesfest.

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When it comes to naming Aussie Rock Legends the name Rose Tattoo is high up on the list. Formed almost 35 years ago the band is still exalted globally as one of the purist, loudest, dirtiest, loveable rock bands to ever grace the stage, be it in a sweaty Aussie pub or at an outdoor European stadium. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. The band was formed in 1976 by Pete Wells and Angry Anderson. Rose Tattoo made an impact through their uncompromising, “take no prisoners” attitude to their music and their shows. They are credited as being the inspiration for Guns and Roses and can claim true fans in Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and German rock heroes Boez Onkelz to name just a few who have publicly spoken kindly of the Tatts.

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With a career spanning over thirty years, Icehouse has continued to transcend age groups with their hit songs that are well known and loved by audiences across several generations. Areas of speciality include Oz Rock Artists. Playing to sell-out audiences throughout Australian and extensively toured internationally, Icehouse started out as a pub rock band called Flowers, who were the highest-paid unsigned act in Australia at the time.