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There was no other decade like the 80’s. It was the era of big hair, big hits and big fun. Never Ending 80’s take you back to the best of it all with a show packed full of the biggest hits by the biggest artists.

As the band expertly carve their way through the music of Prince, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, INXS, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, as well as so many other giants, the vibe created means that there is nothing else you can do except sing along and dance!

There’s no such thing as ‘fight for your right to party’ with this band. So come on, get dressed up in your finest 80’s gear and come party Neven Ending 80’s! For sure!!

Meet Never Ending 80’s Band Members

Jay Ant – Vocals
Jason’s wide vocal range, high energy performance and commitment ‘delivers big’ every show. The band’s enigmatic front man really grabs an audience and takes them with him – until the end of the gig at least!

Jay’s Favourite 80’s Song: Antmusic (Adam And The Ants)
Jay’s Favourite 80’s Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Jay’s 80’s Crush: Molly Ringwald

Julez Electric – Vocals
Charged full of electric soul and with the diva voice to match, Jules can blow the roof off any joint. We’ve stopped her doing that for now, as it became too costly. She just sounds awesome and is a total 80’s child. Tip – If Jules has ‘the fro’ out, you know it’s gonna be a big night!

Julez Favourite 80’s Song: Summer Rain (Belinda Carlisle)
Julez Favourite 80’s Movie: The Labyrinth
Julez 80’s Crush: McGyver

Marie Antoniette – Vocals
For our very own ‘Material Girl’, channeling some of the 80’s biggest female artists such as Madonna, Belinda Carlilse and Cindy Lauper, comes scarily easy to Antoniette. Killer voice, killer looks and killer moves. Marie Antoniette is the TOTAL 80’s BABE.

Antoniette’s Favourite 80’s Song: Hungry eyes (Eric Carmen)
Antoniette’s Favourite 80’s Movie: Breakfast Club
Antoniette’s 80’s Crush: Rob Lowe

Sebbi Kixx – Bass
Hailing from the mean sands of Sydney’s northern beaches, Sebastian brings a ‘street wise edge’ to the band. His bass playing skills speak for themselves, as people can’t help but dance when Seb’s in charge of the groove. It’s this bass wizardry, along with a true love of all things spandex that makes Mr Kikz simply irresistible.

Sebbi’s Favourite 80’s Song: We Built This City (Starship)
Sebbi’s Favourite 80’s Movie: Top Gun
Sebbi’s 80’s Crush: Samantha Fox

Adam Arcaium – Guitars
As a kid, Adam had to make a tough choice. Was he going to be a pro space invaders competitor the rest of his life or a smoking hot guitarist? Thankfully he chose the guitar. Atari’s loss was our gain. Adam is the bands musical director and string tapping maestro.

Adam’s Favourite 80’s Song: Best Of Both Worlds (Van Halen)
Adam’s Favourite 80’s Movie: Back To The Future
Adam’s 80’s Crush: Christina Applegate

Davey Rokket – Drums
Spinning sticks and flying side kicks! They say the drummer is the heart of every band. The beat. The pulse. Davey is a drummer. He’s a really good one, but it’s hard to get him out of the karate dojo these days. Thankfully we have a deal with Davey’s sensei, allowing him to come out and rock with us whenever the call is made.

Davey’s Favourite 80’s Song: Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)
Davey’s Favourite 80’s Movie: The Karate Kid
Davey’s 80’s Crush: Alyssa Milano

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