Music Artists for Events: A Definitive Guide

Every day across Australia thousands of kids dream of becoming a rock star.

They pick up a hair brush or a bottle of water, turn it into a microphone (with a little imagination) and belt out their favourite songs with all the gusto and enthusiasm you’d expect. As they sing out each verse, we’re overtaken by their genuine effort and that child-like belief that they’ll one day be a music artist.

That enthusiasm never seems to leave. Even adults like to take their turn at karaoke or strum away at the occasional air guitar.

For most of us, these moments are just that: moments. For others, these daydreams become a reality.

Finding Fame

Enhance Entertainment’s team of music artists hail from a myriad of cities, regions and countries. Their stories are all unique; some heartbreaking, some harrowing but all of them are heart-warming.

There’s something endearing about the story of a person who, like us, sang into those hairbrush microphones and then eventually rose to the top of the music world.

Our music artists found their fame in a variety of ways. We’ve got a few who launched their careers through stunning performances on X-Factor. Others broke into the music business by wowing the crowd and judges on Australia’s Got Talent. Still others turned heads (and chairs) on the hit TV show, The Voice.

Polished Professionals

All of our performers are experts in their field, but our music artists take that expertise to another level with perfectly polished performances.

Their set lists are laden with energy and power. Their movements are flawless and their range is breathtaking. Just one or two minutes into their first song and you’ll see why their music has won the hearts of the country’s best judges and music fans.

The Benefit of Experienced Consultants

Because our collection of well-known music artists is a professional lot, hiring them comes with a standard list of requirements.
Many of those requirements have to do with audio/visual equipment, venue preparation and a host of small details that the average event planner may not be aware of.

Running sheets, proper briefs and technical demands – each one of these areas can present complex problems for seasoned clients as well as those who are new to planning events. Our team of consultants takes the burden of these ever-important elements so that you can free yourself up to address other areas of the event you are planning.

We talk with our music artists’ teams to make sure they know what you need and to make sure you know what they need. We tighten up the unsure parts of the process, tie up the loose ends that could cause problems down the road and we fill in the pitfalls that can plague the dialogue between an event planner and a music artist and his or her management teams.

Our goal is to smooth the path from where you are today to where you want to be the day of your event. Click here to begin your search for a recording artist and contact us to launch the planning process.

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