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Matina Jewell spent 15 years serving in the Australian Army, completing five overseas tours including two missions in the Middle East. Her outstanding contribution to the military resulted in a coveted position on a UN peace-keeping mission where she found herself, unarmed, leading a diverse team through the Lebanon and Israel War.

The best-selling author of ‘Caught in the Crossfire’ Matina has also been the subject of ABC’s ‘An Australian Story’ and since her retirement has served on the ANZAC Centenary Commission and the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council where she has given a voice to the rights of Veterans throughout the country.

Matina’s vast experience with the military both during and after her years of service, coupled with her powerful storytelling has resulted in countless standing ovations from Australia’s biggest corporations.

A snapshot of Matina Jewell
Inspiring presentation… Nothing but extremely positive feedback… Exactly on the theme.CommBank
  • Deployed on five overseas operational missions, including two tours of active service and is the recipient of eight military service medals, including two Republic of Lebanon war medals (the only Australian to receive these awards)
  • At just 24yo, Matina commanded the Ship’s Army Department aboard HMAS Kanimbla, Australia’s largest amphibious ship
  • First female in the Army to complete the physically demanding Navy Diver course and fast-roped out of Navy helicopters onto ships
  • Served with elite American Navy Seals in the Middle East and boarded ships smuggling contraband in the Arabian Gulf
  • Played a pivotal role in the capture of notorious militia leader ‘Jimmy Rasta’ on operations in the Solomon Islands
  • The only Australian (and the only female) at the dangerous ‘PB Khiam’ UN patrol base at the border junction of Israel, Syria and Lebanon during the 2006 ‘Lebanon War’
  • Matina’s presentation style is impressive, but even more impressive are the core thoughts within her speech.Bunnings & Officeworks
  • Graduated from ADFA with honours and is an alumna of the Royal Military College, Duntroon and holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree in Project Management
  • Speaks English, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesian
  • Is the author of the best-selling memoir ‘Caught In The Crossfire’
  • Served on the ANZAC Centenary Commission, alongside former Prime Ministers Malcolm Fraser and Bob Hawke
  • Served as a member of the Prime Ministerial Advisory Council (Defence & Veteran Issues)
  • Served as a member of the National Mental Health Forum
  • Liaised with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to effect positive change in the United Nations
  • Is an Ambassador to the Australian Peacekeepers Memorial Project
  • Was the subject of a two-part special on the ABC’s Australian Story
  • Is a busy working mum

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Keynote Presentation: Caught in the Crossfire
Navigating the changing landscape of business
Matina Jewell is a special breed of person – an Australian to be proud of. Her audience is taken to a world we know little of and astounds us with her courage and integrity.Westpac

We all walk a tightrope every day, whether it’s juggling the conflicting demands of work and home, our team and our leaders or the needs of our customers and our staff – it’s how we handle these times of being caught in the crossfire that will define and ultimately determine our success.

In this thought-provoking and confronting presentation Matina will force audiences to question everything they think they know; it’s not my job, it’s too hard – leaving delegates with a tool kit for handling conflict.

10/10. We asked delegates “What was the highlight for you at the conference”? and 90% said “Matina Jewell.”LGMA

  • How staff can empower themselves to lead in any situation
  • The keys to creating effective communication
  • An understanding of the different motivators of conflict
  • Change
  • Motivation
  • Resilience
  • Risk Management

Matina’s Speaking Topics

Matina is a powerful and engaging speaker with a story to match. Our audience was captivated… were able to take away some valuable business lessons on leadership and change management in particular.Challenger

Authentic Leadership: Demonstrating leadership – even when it’s not in your job description. Finding a way forward in high-pressure situations.

Change As Opportunity: Leading through adversity. The benefits of facing fear and ‘having a go’ in changing circumstances.

Motivating Teams: Taking responsibility to motivate teams and inspire others. Being the catalyst for teamwork and cooperation.

Communicating in a Crisis: Why it’s vital for leaders to really know and understand their teams, and to communicate with their people.

Performing Under Pressure: Thinking ‘outside the box’ and making it work. The importance of planning and practising before the crisis.

Mental Health & Awareness: Being alert to the psychological state of others. How your support could help turn a life around.

Risk Management: Risk management and decision-making frameworks that allow you to act. Why no decision is sometimes the worst outcome.

Gender & Culture Issues: Tackling gender issues. Working in male-dominated environments. Addressing cultural stereotypes.

Managing Difficult People: Identifying where you might face issues or personality clashes. Equipping yourself to deal with conflict or confrontation.

Harnessing Strengths: The skill of matching people to tasks. How to get the most out of individuals and your team as a whole.

Reaching Your Potential: The importance of overcoming the fear of failure. Managing your emotions as a leader.

The Importance of Humour: How appropriate humour and fun can help to reduce tension and create bonded, high-performance teams.

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Major Matina Jewell

  Travels from:
Sydney, Australia

1300 884 485+61295183944

  Specialty Areas:
Women Speakers, Leadership Speakers, Change Management Speakers, Inspirational Speakers, Speakers, Keynote Speakers, Motivational Speakers

  Place of Birth:
Byron Bay, Australia

  Alumni of:
Royal Military College, Duntroon and ADFA


  • Australian Army
  • United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation (UNTSO)
  • Australian Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Veterans’ Association
  • ANZAC Centenary Commission


  • Australian Active Service Medal – with two clasps: Middle East and International CoalitionAgainst Terrorism (ICAT)
  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal
  • Australian Service Medal with 3 clasps: Solomon Islands I – Solomon Islands II – Middle East
  • Australian Defence Long Service Medal
  • Australian Defence Service Medal
  • United Nations Medal – UNTSO with numeral 2
  • Republic of Lebanon War Medal – Awarded for acts of bravery in war
  • Republic of Lebanon Wounded in Combat Medal – Awarded to military personnel woundedin war

  • Caught in the Crossfire

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