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Having captivated, mesmerized, and flabbergasted audiences all over the globe with their astounding Dance & Quick Change act - they are known today as, Soul Mystique - the world's slickest & most innovative dance magical costume transformation artists. Areas of speciality include Magicians & Illusionists. Soul Mystique has been featured on CNN, and quoted as ‘simply extraordinary’ – they never fail to mystify, amaze, and entertain their audiences wherever they go.
  • Paris International Open Latin Championships (2000)
  • Belgium Open Latin Championships (1999)
  • Greater London Open Latin Championships (1998)
  • Singapore International Open Latin Championships (1998)
  • Lion City International Open Latin Championships (1997)
  • Australasian Open Latin Championships (1997)
  • Australia's Got Talent
Gavin Skinner, Lydia Lim

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From appearing on prime-time TV to breaking Guinness World Records, Ben is one of Australia's hottest corporate comedy entertainers. Ben performs over 200 shows a year, delivering a unique cocktail of hilarious audience participation with comedy gags and amazing magic. Areas of speciality include Magicians & Illusionists. Whether he’s hosting your awards night, pocketing your watch or amazing your guests with his hilarious comedy show, Ben can customise a hilarious show with world-class magic to make your next event a success.

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Brad is one of the funniest and most creative entertainers you are likely to see, a magician and comedian rolled into one. Brad’s shows feature original mind blowing magic, blended with interactive comedy to deliver an experience that has been featured in over 15 countries and described in the magic industry as “comic genius”. Areas of speciality include Magicians & Illusionists. Brad is renowned for his “audience-involving” comedy magic and is a much sought after performer in the corporate sector, both in Australia and internationally.

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In addition to being a professional illusionist, this magician is also an amazing "honest pickpocket" stealing watches, ties, wallets, belts etc as he performs his magic. Areas of speciality include Magicians & Illusionists. He then surprises guests with the return of the item at the end of the trick, which really amazes the guests!

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With over 10 years experience, Jah has mastered his skills as a performer and entertainer. Areas of speciality include Magicians & Illusionists. Jah performs everything from card magic, vanishing/reappearing objects to mentalism and mind reading. Jah is able to entertain even the most cynical of guests, leaving them thoroughly enjoying their experience.

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Since 1990, Glen’s special brand of fun, interactive and entertaining "Close-Up" Roving Magic has helped create exciting and successful events for top corporations and private events in Brisbane. Areas of speciality include Magicians & Illusionists. Glen’s magic is highly interactive and guaranteed to amaze and entertain your guests. So whether it is a small gathering of 10 or a banquet for 1000, Glen is the ideal entertainer for you.