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With all the magicians floating around these days, you may think being an expert in magic is as simple as pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Excelling as a master illusionist is more than just a rabbit and a top hat though, and we’ve made sure that every magician on our team of entertainers will renew your belief that magic still happens.

The Immeasurable Power of Illusion

There’s a certain element of entertainment called the suspension of disbelief in which the entertainer tries to get the audience to suspend their disbelief long enough to be enraptured by what’s happening on the stage or the screen.

When it comes to choosing a magician, the suspension of disbelief is as important as ever. Choose the right illusionist and your audiences will be talking for years about the miracles they saw. Choose the wrong “professional” and there’s a good chance half of your audience will magically disappear before the end of the act.

We know how important professionalism is. Our team of magicians are the very best Australia has to offer.

Entering the Unbelievable

Have you ever been seated in the audience as a true magician works his or her magic on the stage in front of you? Take yourself there again.

The lights are low, save for a few bright beams focusing on the magician. He speaks slowly and calmly as he describes his next trick. “I’m going to make this tiger disappear,” he says as the curtain behind him drops to reveal a very real tiger pacing back and forth in a big cage.

You, like the rest of the audience, are wondering how this trick is going to take place. You sceptically scan the stage for props, trap doors and mirrors. Meanwhile, the magician continues his steady introduction to the illusion.

The stage looks normal, you think. You turn your attention to the tiger itself. Must be a hologram or illusion, right? The beast lets out a mighty roar and as you jump in your seat, you acknowledge that it’s a very real tiger indeed.

A black sheet falls over the cage. The magician recites his trademark phrase. Then, the prestige; that moment when you see the magic unfold and you can’t believe your eyes.

The black sheet rises from the cage and there is no tiger. No person. No mirrors. Nothing. The cage is empty.

Trap door, you think to yourself. But then the magician invites people from the audience to come onto the stage and search for the supposed trap door.

And that’s when it happens. Your skin tingles with goosebumps and you realize that maybe, just maybe, something magical happened.

Helping You Pull Off An Unbelievable Event

Magicians can be a quirky lot. Our team of specialists will work with you to select the right magician for your event. We’ll help you work through the audio/visual requirements as well as running sheets and briefs. When we say we’ll make your event magical, we mean it – if you ask for the disappearing tiger, we’re not going to give you a top hat and rabbit.

Click below to browse the list of magicians below and begin your quest for Australia’s greatest illusions.

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