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The latest in DJ and instrument combos, DJ Tasty is funky, groovy RnB, jazz, dub, hip-hop, funky disco, lounging or 'tearing the roof off'! Areas of speciality include Live Bands. No matter what the vibe, Tasty creates the atmosphere to get and keep the party rocking, or the atmosphere just right. Tasty plays the grooviest established venues and cocktails bars. Venues include The Basement, Winebanc, Home, Cargo Bar, ECQ Bar, Opera House to name a few.

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Born in Fall River Massachusetts, the youngest of seven from a sax playing electronics technician father and a mother in nursing, Mark Lizotte aka DIESEL grew up in Australia and in the U.S. He formed the band 'Johnny Diesel & The Injectors' in 1986 from remnants of a previous band before embarking on a solo career in 1991. Areas of speciality include Live Bands. In 2011 Diesel celebrated 25 years in the industry. With over 35 singles, 13 albums, 6 ARIA awards and record sales edging 1 million, Diesel is a journeyman of music. With blues music in his DNA, an influence largely from his Father’s record collection, Diesel has blended styles to come up with a truly unique sound, punctuated with his distinct guitar playing and vocals.
  • Aria Music Award 1992: Best Male Artist
  • Aria Music Award 1993: Best Male Artist
  • Aria Music Award 1995: Best Male Artist
  • Aria Music Award 1992: Best Album - Hepfidelity
  • Johnny Diesel & the Injectors
  • Jimmy Barnes

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So what do I love about making music? For me, it's always about the freedom. If I'm making music, I'm not thinking about anything else. I can actually get lost in it. As a young kid, listening to the jukebox was my salvation. It was the only thing that would get me into another space. Areas of speciality include Live Bands. Not only did I know every song on the radio, I knew every song my mother had in her record collection. My mother would sing; it made her happy. She was a big fan of Ray Charles, she loved to sing and dance to his records. My dad hated Ray Charles with his whole heart, he thought he was a shocker. So there was a bit of family conflict there.
  • The Black Sorrows

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Bringing together one of Australia's most respected DJ veterans with a rotating collective of Sydney's finest improvisational musicians, DJ Groove Academy have been one of the most in-demand live/DJ hybrid acts since they came together in 2007. Areas of speciality include Live Bands. Whether they’re in stripped back DJ/MC mode, bringing the party to the nation’s capitals, Hamilton Island and Fiji with their club-friendly four-piece incarnation, or rocking 1500 fans on the Luna Park dancefloor with an expanded six-piece big band line-up, the results are always the same – a full room satisfied by a multi-skilled excitement machine who can fine-tune their sound to set the perfect mood no matter what the occasion.

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It would be hard to find a voice that captures the mood of a song more perfectly than this on. It's the voice that soars with inspiration, soul and warmth. Areas of speciality include Live Bands. The voice of course belongs to Australian singer Daryl Braithwaite. In a distinguished career spanning more than 30 years, Daryl Braithwaite is one of Australia’s award winning premier performers.
  • Sherbet
  • Festival Records
  • Sony Music

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EMPiRE LIVE are one of Australia’s hottest live party acts, creating a serious buzz for their amazing live shows. Areas of speciality include Live Bands. Originally meeting as part of the house band for one of Melbourne’s most enduring venues, both powerhouse vocalist Katherine Tanner and DJ/percussionist Nic Noble hit it off and decided to form their own group. EMPiRE LIVE was born and the two have been on a journey that has seen them perform for most of the biggest brands and events throughout Australia.

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In 2014 Thirsty Merc marked the 10-year anniversary since the release of their self-titled, double-platinum, debut LP with an Acoustic Anniversary Album and national tour. Areas of speciality include Live Bands. Affectionately dubbed AAA, the album was a collection of acoustic interpretations of fan favourites including the band’s biggest hits, 20 Good Reasons, In The Summertime, Someday Someday, and Mousetrap Heart.

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Former george frontman Tyrone Noonan presents a tour-de-force jazz cabaret experience, celebrating the music of Frank Sinatra in Vegas! Areas of speciality include Live Bands. From classic swingin’ tunes like Fly Me To The Moon and I’ve Got You Under My Skin to late night bar tunes including Bewitched and One For Many Baby, Frank knew how to pick a tune like no other singer.

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Ciaran Gribbin is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer who, in addition to working with world class artists such as Madonna, U2, Paul McCartney, Snow Patrol and Al Pacino, has toured the world as the singer of INXS. Areas of speciality include Live Bands. Ciaran was born during the Northern Ireland conflict and grew up in The Troubles. As a young musician he cut his teeth doing gig after gig in the tough bars of Belfast and Derry. During this turbulent time, Ciaran witnessed the bombs and bullets of sectarian violence and the paramilitary attacks that enflamed a divided society.
  • INXS

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When it comes to naming Aussie Rock Legends the name Rose Tattoo is high up on the list. Formed almost 35 years ago the band is still exalted globally as one of the purist, loudest, dirtiest, loveable rock bands to ever grace the stage, be it in a sweaty Aussie pub or at an outdoor European stadium. Areas of speciality include Live Bands. The band was formed in 1976 by Pete Wells and Angry Anderson. Rose Tattoo made an impact through their uncompromising, “take no prisoners” attitude to their music and their shows. They are credited as being the inspiration for Guns and Roses and can claim true fans in Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and German rock heroes Boez Onkelz to name just a few who have publicly spoken kindly of the Tatts.