Live Bands: The Definitive Guide

The lights are dim, leaving the stage in an excruciating state of clandestine anticipation.

The crowd patiently awaits the first chords, the first notes of a night that is sure to be memorable.

On the stage, speakers sit unseen pining with the same expectation as the rows of audience members peering in beyond the edge of the stage.

A drum set virtually vibrates with anticipation, waiting for the first bars of music so they can explode with rhythm.

The bass guitar growls silently, awaiting the moment when it can thunder through its bass lines.

And then, from the darkness and anticipation, the first searing riffs of a guitar solo cut through the darkness. Lights leap to life. Smoke pours out of the stage and there, amid the shroud of energy and smoky air, a lead singer steps behind the microphone and the evening’s set list of thrills and throbbing musicality rise into their full expression.

Welcome to the Enhance Entertainment live band experience.

Music for Every Ear

Our collection of live bands spans multiple genres; not every group is an arena-shaking rock band. We’ve carefully selected our teams of musicians for their professionalism, reliability and their consistent reputations for delivering a performance which exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Party Bands

If it’s a party you want for your event, our line-up of party bands will get your attendees out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Weddings, incentive programs, retirement parties and award parties – we’ve got a band for nearly every occasion.

Pop Duos

Two is definitely better than one. Our pop duos may be small, but they bring big energy to your event. Our two-person musical teams are great for locations with limited space or for schedules which require intimate settings where a full band won’t be atmosphere-appropriate.

Recording Artists

We’ve got enough star power to light up a musical universe. Our team of recording artists features some of Australia’s most beloved performers, whose albums and collaborations are household names from Perth to Sydney.

Classical Ensembles

A symphony may not have the ear-splitting joy of a rock band, but the music our classical ensembles bring listeners a thrill of a refined kind. We offer Australia’s finest ensembles, including (but not limited to) the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

World Musicians

Take your audience to all corners of the earth with one of our world music bands. Africa, South America, Asia and more – we’ve got our continents covered. Dazzle your attendees with exotic, joyful sounds from musicians who carry on the tradition of their culture through music.

Wedding Reception Bands

It takes a special kind of band to pull off a wedding reception. You’ve got to mix skill, bravado and romance without being kitschy. Our bands pass the test with their wedding-appropriate set lists and their knack for putting the spotlight on the bride and groom.

Turn Up the Volume for Your Event

Our expert consultants take the guess work out of hiring your live band. We’ll work with you to find out which style of band is most appropriate for your needs, then help you look through our list of groups to find the one band which will elevate and energize your audience.

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